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#56 - Migeeto (04/03/2012) [-]
It wouldn't work. Zombie's flesh, infused with solanum, is extremely toxic. Max Brook's Zombie Survival Guide FTW!!!
#57 to #56 - commihater (04/03/2012) [-]
i knew this.... but it was just funny cause a little girl actually had input on this conversation
#58 to #57 - Migeeto (04/03/2012) [-]
yeah I know. thumbed and favorited. :D
#61 to #58 - commihater (04/03/2012) [-]
no no, "i seriously suggest you not try this"
#60 to #58 - commihater (04/03/2012) [-]
thanks! :) im so excited how im doing so well and i JUST started this! or i guess im doing well.... Check out my newest one "I suggest you not try this"
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