A Tale of War and Love. Special thanks to Protagonistism Proof: /channel/dolan/dolan+haers/locLGyb/126#126. Dear Marys Prepare forthe holocaust Seceret Grammari dolan grammar nazi brolans

A Tale of War and Love

Dear Marys
Prepare forthe holocaust
Seceret Grammarians
t Mew Fuhrer,
The was are ready amine gas chambers have been
Y' - . My yes wen dune Have you reamed
Our Space army mama an the moon s myosin
were , looney
can goodl we shall sea Nams at
lor/ mick mm send camps
mu proceed trom to Damn Chto These are the areas where they are most resistant
asthma are no man' s Vermin anew a Damn my may
green the/ re dune
Bythe Fumes name, am you
van know Jam myth we cant use someting We (ms w a mohw populated Zane
populated area
on any seem were were mung to use the Emmi
on wen wan who be dammed enemy? [was as
was wasere Hes always name
Yeah great Idea that wasl
The/ re many w the camps, and (news mostly am
um you better gas any wan
lily N we More Walt you nkma
The wallets went ma the may win the names
Whatll money's operatin Iron my an those / ll probably because we Jo not have
the momento send was to [mug them may m send them UK‘/ gen
Do you have any mess where we can getthe money'
wars we onthe darkside we mammal Unless
shall disappear mm gays
meme reaking tms
Move along
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