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#83 - jakols
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(04/02/2012) [-]
False. Billions of deaths would not ever occur. A zombie apocalypse would never occur in the real world.
the key factor to why every imaginary zombie apocalypse's on movies and in games have worked i because at some point, a political leader hesitated.
IRL that would never have happened, The armies of the world are not afraid to sacrifice a few lives(read thousands) to save the rest of humanity. it would, IRL have been a slaughter of all living and dead within the infected areas, a massacre, shot process, no survivors.

sadly this is the truth.
User avatar #105 to #83 - shibo
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(04/02/2012) [-]
Well actually theoretically it is within the boundaries of reality for a zombie apocalypse to occur. Just not in the sense of 'real' undead zombies. There is a parasite that enters the brain of animals and controls its actions, causing aggression, loss of concious thought and reasoning. However currently the human brain is too advanced for the parasite to actually be able to do anything. However a mutation in the parasite may make it have the ability to bypass this.

If the rage virus was to somehow make its way into a population then BAM zombie like state.

But as you stated above it's unlikely that the armies of the world would stand by and do nothing. If any of the above mentioned the political leader would probably put an end to it before it starts.

Though if a large number of people, including the leaders of countries and the world were to subcumb to whatever virus that may have caused it in too short a time for anyone to react, then yes you have the 'zombie apocalypse'

However the chances of this ever happening is pretty much zero. A one in a google chance. Not impossible, just probably never going to happen
#91 to #83 - jakols
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mfw, i realized this a few months back
mfw, i realized this a few months back
#89 to #83 - ThatDeadGuy
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User avatar #88 to #83 - anonnknox
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