Fill in da blank compilation. made this a while ago, found it on my old External thought I'd upload it, enjoy. Gluestick ta discuss: I' d like to my But my is t
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Fill in da blank compilation

made this a while ago, found it on my old External thought I'd upload it, enjoy

Gluestick ta discuss:
I' d like to my But my is too
Stranger 2: digg cock cock large
Stranger 2: it
arranger" t: lol
Stranger 2: what abt u '?
Stranger 1: eat cat mouth small
Stranger 2: wow , well said
Gluestick ta discuss:
lam and of these in this
Stranger 1: grip
Stranger 2: I am Straight and 12 at these are my twat cousins in this magical wand
Stranger 2: lat wir? In
Straighter 2 has
we discuss:
So theres this and - likes to all dyer my even though I barely
Stranger 1: girl
Stranger 1: she
Stranger 1: climb
Stranger 1: mountain
Stranger 1: sneeze
Stranger 1: yes-
Stranger 2: Dog, times pants knew it
Gluestick ta discuss:
You cannot my especially when my IS .
Stranger 1: feed
Stranger 1: turtle
Stranger 1: turtle
Stranger r. dead
Gluestick ta discuss:
So theres this and - likes to all we my even thoiugh I barely
Stranger 1: So theres this UNICORN and SHE likes to SLEEP all dyer my COUCH mien thaught barely USE IT.
Stranger 1: twin
Stranger 1: See,
Stranger 2:
Stranger 1: This doesnt HAVE to be dirty "
Stranger 2: and mine is true. I believe I win
Stranger 1: Well, True also, Iggie's :3
Equestain ta discuss:
I whenever is but it' s okay because
Stranger 2: laugh
Stranger 2: angle
Stranger 2: down
Stranger 2: i have a life
Question ta discuss:
You ca gnat my especially when my is .
Stranger r. You cannot read my mind especially when my brain is banana.
Stranger 1 has
Gluestick ta discuss:
I like ta in the but is always
Stranger 1: pee shower water cold
Stranger 1 has
Ymg' re now watching ma strangers discuss your question!
Question ta discuss:
want to ta but my is too
Stranger 2: I want to fly to Japan, but my maney is too little... Sad lite you know,
Stranger 2: I WANT MONEY!
Stranger 1: **** , beethovens tth, speaker, small
Gluestick ta discuss:
Iwant ta to but my is ma
Stranger 1: I want to go to the kitchen but my body is too lazy
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Submitted: 04/01/2012
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