90's Kids. For all the 90's kids who think it's a really big deal.. VIII] went new IN we lttle. ), i, BE: BETTER Tail rraiin' i,' car, EVERYONE use. 90's kids were mostly born in the 80's. Willy wonka Kid
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90's kids were mostly born in the 80's.
User avatar #3 - eminoo (03/29/2012) [-]
90's kids are born from 1980 till around 1996 atleast that's what i think
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not really i was born in 1998 but i am still pretty much a 90's kid since i enjoy shows like johnny bravo ,rurouni kenshen, yu yu hakusho, and the like. and i hate the slutty 12 year olds as much as everyone else.
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well i said i think it was just my opinion but sure there might be some between those who aren't lost :P
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