Perverted grandpa. .. <his face later in the conversation
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**anonymous rolled a random comment #103 posted by anonymous at happens every pony argument ** :
The thing that annoys me about this whole brony/hater thing is that, whilst bronies can be annoying, the fact is that they're not the only thing ******* up funnyjunk
I don't like Stoner comics, and i'm not a huge pokemon fan (I could never afford a gameboy as a kid so i missed out on that whole thing) but i don't complain about anything. If people enjoy something let them enjoy it.
Bronies have a right to share the things they find funny, just like stoners/pokemon fans/skyrim fans etc have the right to
Just because it's not something you appreciate doesn't automatically make it 'cancer' or mean it's 'ruining funnyjunk' and all that other ********
People can't say on one hand ' **** SOPA, censorship is wrong' and then on the other hand say 'take your pony **** elsewhere'. It's a double standard, and it's not fair
I'm not a brony. I've seen the show, and chuckled a little, but it's not for me. But i can understand and appreciate people that do enjoy it, and good for them - It's no one's right to say what people can and can't enjoy

Your rant could apply to anything. Just cross out ponies and put in 'feels' or 'dolan' or 'stoner' etc. And saying 'this is FUNNYJUNK' over and over like a retarded Leonidis isn't getting anyone anywhere

TL;DR? People can enjoy whatever they want, and others should just grow up and deal with it. You can even skip and thumb down with one click now, so you've got no excuse. Shut up and move on

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epic roll my friend
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<his face later in the conversation
<his face later in the conversation
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Have a thumb my good sir.
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pervert -_-
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