Threnagyns Rant. Nothing to put here. If we wan' t to make funnyjunk live on, here are some ideas: 1) Let' s grow up a little. Knock this Justin Beiber and Edwa FUNNYJUNK
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Threnagyns Rant

If we wan' t to make funnyjunk live
on, here are some ideas:
1) Let' s grow up a little. Knock this
Justin Beiber and Edward Cullen shit
off. I hate them too. Wait, ya know
what? I don' t, because I don' t care
enough about the pieces of shit to
spend time hating them or making
content about them. Its like when we
were in fucking second grade when
people would make Barney jokes or
in third grade when people would
make fun of the Power Rangers. Its
not fucking funny, its a waste of my
fucking time.
2) How about we make categories
for content. There will be an "all" tab
for a user that wants to view
everything at once, along with tabs
for compilations, memes, original
for all of the fucking 9 years olds so I
don' t have to be reminded of those
pieces of shit EVERY FUCKING DAY
I COME ON THIS SITE, other, and
wle other categories we can think of.
A user would be required to select
one of the categories before
uploading new content.
3) Instead of wasting your time
making a billion pointless comments
to save the site, why don' t do
something that will save the site in a
way. I remember when I
first started to upload new stuff, I
was discouraged by the fact that my
content would only ever get 200
views and 4 thumbs. People usually
only look at the top content. There is
a lot of funny stuff in the newest
uploads section that nobody ever
sees. If you want to save the site,
spend more time there. This will
encourage people more to upload
content. NOBODY is going to
continue to upload content if the shit
they put together gets 200 views and
4 thumbs.
4) We cannot keep coming up with
ways to try and banish anons from
the site if their visits help pay the
bills. I can see why we wouldn' t let
them vote on comments, or make
comments themselves (because then
they can just say fat ben made poop
and we cannot tie it to anyone), but
why can' t they vote on content?
Think about it. If this makes
come over and try to fuck
with our site by thumbing up random
shit, oh well, funnyjunk gets to live
to see another day because of it.
5) If we want to give anons limited
rights, I propose this. We give
different users different weight in
their voting. Like... level 15 & up will
get 2 votes per content, level 20 & up
will get 3, while level 25 and up gets
WANT TO LEVEL UP! (This = more
good comments, more good
content). This will not screw up the
site too bad because as of right now,
there are a limited number of users
that are at those levels anyways.
If you listened to all of this, I thank
you. Thumb it up or thumb it down,
either way, a lot of people are soon
to lose a site they have been visiting
regularly for a long time (I have
honestly visited this site at least 350
days a year for the past 2 years
Th renamon
Views: 41132 Submitted: 04/13/2010