Will Ferrell Comp. there will not be a part to because I don't care about thumbs so I give all my funny at once!. I want to have 3 kids and name them Ctrl, Alt  will ferrell comp

Will Ferrell Comp

there will not be a part to because I don't care about thumbs so I give all my funny at once!

I want to have 3 kids and name them
Ctrl, Alt and Delete. Then if they **** up
I will just hit them all at once.
will Ferrell
who makes the someones in a
lesbian relationship?
Who was the greatest prostitute in
history? Ms. Pacman, for 25 cents that
b tch swallowed balls till she died.
I hate it when I forget to turn my swag off
at night and I wake up covered in
Sitting in green reborn with Justin
Bieberr. reuest resist urge to "
kick him in his midget face
Dear life, When I said "can my day get
any worse" it was a rhetorical question
not a challenge.
My hollister died to/ lay. He fell asleep at
the wheel.
On the other hand, I have different fingers
I enganged all my passwords to '
anty: '.. So nay just tells me
when I for .
I never let my children watch big band
performances on TV. Too much sax and
Ml Ferrell
trust saw that Harry Potter film. A bit unrealistic it you ask me I
mean. a ginger kid with two friends?
lit.. I guess wearing head phones and not speaking doesn' t really
r signal " **** thf " Aall enough to some people
it t had Morgan ' s voice I would so in a corner and talk to
myself tor days
That awkward met when someone assumes you are aabout
their opinion
lait 1 .
when looking somnething up on Google it its not on the in st page
of search results then rt doesn' t exist and my tourney ends there
My Bed anti t are deeply in have It' s my Harm {Host is
lesion s.
9 Rearrange these words l) ANEM; 2) HTILER In 4)
a ' thd you read Some. hthis. ginger and
Naughty Naughty
he pretty sure the asshole that put the extra 'r' in February is the
same guy who thought up the spelling for Wednesday
ile‘ errect
Next time you feel a sneeze coming on yell out "Pikki" right
before the sneeze.
no to reduce weight Turn your head to the left then turn to the
right Repeat this exercise every time you are uttered '' to
When says they have to ask you it question. you think of
all the bad things you' done recenly
I got Elf! tempos cause is pitch are one
we a but more Camus when tie! - rote. -rest history Thought it
might toilet suspicions that been on the intenet torture
Willferrell l . .
What does Stevie and Lemon James have in somerset
They both don' t know what a Championship Ring looks like
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#2 - willywally (03/27/2012) [-]
Will Ferrell is the greatest!!
#1 - croce (03/26/2012) [-]
Too ******* funny
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