That feel is coming. . Rest In F' eace_ ipg (43 KB, 4: 101: 21 8) icdh we was a good guy he was a great guy Ashirt eff back great get into video games. because  vp feel

That feel is coming

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Rest In F' eace_ ipg (43 KB, 4: 101: 21 8) icdh we
was a good guy
he was a great guy
Ashirt eff back great
get into video games. because his boss buys me a gameboy and five games fer my birthday ene year
kl play half as often with my dad now
Pokemon Gold and Silverstone out. my dad buys a second gameboy and takes the old ene I got hem his beasto use
4 got gold
got silver
played together, and it was fun. Chose different starters and traded stuff back and forth
was good
him, apparently she never loved him
Biomes over to see me all the time.
was never required to pay child support, but he still did despite having very little fer himself
railways asks me what video games I' m playing
he knows what I' m talking about lets effen
en fer years and years
gets cancer
Bleats it
time again
back and silently killed him
to his house to collect his things
Reeally isn' t much there, his money went to support me. despite my mather remarrying like a where
Heartgold and out
has it marked en his calendar en his desk, planner and fridge
I ******* lewd him.
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#1 - salts (03/22/2012) [+] (1 reply)
next stop...feel station....
User avatar #14 - narr (03/22/2012) [+] (19 replies)
I just found out my father has cancer. I think they caught it early enough to save him but tis gave me such a terribad feel just now...
#284 - smilesandshotguns (03/23/2012) [+] (2 replies)
I had a dad like that. He helped my brother beat Pokemon red by playing when he was asleep. He also used to buy Pokemon cards and hide them all over the house for my brother and I to find, fun times. Then in middle school, when I had abandoned such "Childish" things as Pokemon, he died. In the middle of the night from a heart attack. My life went downhill from there. Drugs, Alcohol, Failing School despite my genius level IQ. Then, one day, February 15 2011, I broke my leg. I had to find an outlet for me to pass the time with. Upon a recommendation from my brother, I found this place. Funnyjunk was amazing and soon through a few posts I rediscovered the world of Pokemon. I instantly bought Pokemon Red and a Gameboy SP via Amazon and played it nonstop. This is when I remembered the Pokemon anime. I remember liking it as a child and thought "why not?". I soon watched the entire first season, crying at episodes like Pikachu's Goodbye. I decided I should also watch the Pokemon films and after getting through movies one and two, I watched 3. I had forgotten about this film and the plot hit me like an Elbow to the face. If you recall, the film includes Molly, a little girl who was depressed about the apparent death of her father and in her depression she got the Unown to empathize with her and create an Entei. Now, this Entei was essentially her guardian. He protected her from Ash and co. and did whatever she needed him to do. Entei reminded me of my dad. He was just as noble and brave as this Entei. He'd been there all my life trying to help me in every way he could. He loved me. This is about the part where I started openly bawling at a children's film. On that day I swore I'd live the best life I could for him. I still own a little stuffed Entei I keep on the foot of my bed to remind me of him. As I sit here today, happy, straight Edge and drug free, I keep in mind the Entei on my team in Soul Silver. It's name: Dad.
#12 - dalebguy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#148 - captainrattrap ONLINE (03/23/2012) [-]
#8 - thisfreakinguy (03/22/2012) [+] (6 replies)
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#163 - monomate (03/23/2012) [-]
Honestly almost made me cry.. Sad **** ..
#4 - paulyv (03/22/2012) [-]
#154 - jhboy (03/23/2012) [-]
#2 - undeadpenguin (03/22/2012) [-]
The feels are to much
#234 - sgtpepperz (03/23/2012) [-]
dad sounds like a ******* legend
#422 - xbanjokazooiex (03/23/2012) [-]
i actually teared up a bit from this...

im so ******* sorry bro

so ******* sorry :'(
#262 - tengustark (03/23/2012) [+] (6 replies)
I feel nothing. (Pic related, It's a void. Filled with all the ***** I don't give)
#203 - whitezilla (03/23/2012) [+] (2 replies)
you're dad is a champ, round of applause for him..
you're dad is a champ, round of applause for him..
User avatar #7 - ZOOBOOZOO (03/22/2012) [-]
oh man this one got me good
#330 - GeAsa (03/23/2012) [-]
#263 - johnnyfurious (03/23/2012) [-]
This is so sad....
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