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User avatar #287 - darklucius (03/22/2012) [-]
I had a teacher like that. I ended up just using his class as a nap time (because it was simple **** but whenever he asked me a problem in class he would make it unecessarily tough and say I was wrong no matter what answer I gave. I still got 90%+ on every test though). He finally got fed up and woke me up. Still half asleep, he dragged me to the front of the class and had me solve a problem (which was, as usual, unecessarily difficult). I solved it in, like, 5 minutes (for comparison, it took everyone else ten minutes, they had calculators, and I was half asleep still), went back to my desk and went back to sleep.

Best. Day. Ever.
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they think my story is cool!
User avatar #295 to #292 - willtheweary (03/22/2012) [-]
i said cool story bro to my friend's little sister and she said the exact same thing to her mom 2 minutes later, "mom he said my story was cool.. and he called me bro." she didnt find it as funny as i did apparently
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And here we go again.
And here we go again.
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It was. After I went back to sleep he woke me up again, so I looked at him and asked him if my answer was wrong. He said no, so I was all "then why did you wake me back up?" and went back to sleep again.

He stopped bothering me after that. Made me sit in the back though, which was fine with me.
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