Problem, Kony?. . CIVILIAN DEATH - LORDS REVOLUTIONARY IRAQ WAR ARMY KINGJULIAN DEATH? CIVILIAN DEATHS' STOPPED KONY, MAD BRO?. The majority of civilian casualties in the middle east are caused "freedom fighters", not us. The US military is among the most humane in the world. W
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thing is, Kony is a ******
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So is Obama.
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Obama is Kony?
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makes sence
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Hes a ******* dumbass too
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DId someone fly a plane into his multibillion dollar buildings? Everything has a cost, and sometimes blood is the only currency
#22 to #18 - aaajdmchoes (03/20/2012) [-]
looks like we have a racist facist that wants to police the world and fund the failed drug war that only intercepts 8% of the worlds heroin...
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it's the Lord's Resistance Army, not Revolutionary
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The majority of civilian casualties in the middle east are caused "freedom fighters", not us.
The US military is among the most humane in the world. We spend billions of dollars designing smart weapons systems to minimize civilian casualties. Our soldiers actually give a crap about the civilians, that's why it's such a big deal when they die. Other armies would just run them down with tanks and keep rolling.

You think the enemy cares about civilian casualties when they're laying down roadside bombs that kill more of their own people than ours? They go out of their way to kill as many innocents as possible.
User avatar #21 to #12 - oxan (03/20/2012) [-]
It's like what happened with a few Australian soldiers a couple of years ago. In the middle of a night time firefight, our troops throw grenades into a hut in which muzzle flashes were spotted. Turns out the grenades killed a few children. There was a massive **** storm about it. People wanted the soldiers charged with criminal offences.

It pissed me off because:
a) The Taliban and other organisations are known to take weapons and equipment from dead child soldiers and blame Coalition forces for murdering them
b) The soldiers should great remorse (despite the likeliness of them children having been fighting)

Not to mention an incident in which the Taliban caused the death of three children playing with landmines, because they hoped to kill members of the Australian Reconstruction and Mentoring Task Force.
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In the Marines, the first thing I heard when stationed in Iraq, was do not fire at any person, unless fired upon, unless instructed otherwise. Granted I did have to take a child's life, and I live with the shame every single day, but that child was pointing a gun at me and screaming. I didn't want to shoot, but after he shot, I was forced to do the same, We soldiers aren't heartless, just disciplined
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Your soldiers care so much about civilians, they break into their homes and murder 16 of them - including women and children - just for ***** and giggles. Yessir, your soldiers are very honourable indeed.
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oh god i cant tell if serious or just really really ******* good at trolling...
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actually in the beginning of the war we killed quite a few civilians due to pure laziness, we bombed **** and mortared **** to kill like 3 or 4 people and usually took out them along with building around them containing civilians. Although they did smarten up later and stopped doing that hence why door to door raiding is now our preferred method of clearing buildings

we also killed quite a few people on accident because our policy used to be due to fear of suicide bombings anyone running towards US soldiers was to be shot. they no longer do this. I know this from my cousin who served two tours of duty, He said while they were briefing him they said that used to be a policy and it isn't because it turned out it was usually a civilian giving them a head's up about enemies

I notice we tend to **** everything up when we get their then realize we were stupid and fix ti later pretty much in everything we do
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welcome to america to a nutshell
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IN* a nutshell . . . .
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America (which is a nation if you didn't know) kills 9k

Kony (and 100 ppl of his grp) kills 1k
Per capita Kony kills LOADS more than whole America
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Really, I thought America was one of two continents. The U.S. of America is a nation if you didn't know.
User avatar #14 to #8 - oxidous (03/20/2012) [-]
If you want to get all technical, the US is not in fact a single nation. It is a nation state. So before you go barking up someone's tree you'd better get your own facts straight. Thank you very much.
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Yep, we call those terrorists who kill civilians with mortars hero's, nice fact twisting.
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We're more efficient.
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