I made something for oversleeping studen. Link to the website: Link to Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timeforschool. Due to my irregular I made something for oversleeping studen Link to the website: Google Play: play google com/store/apps/details?id=com timeforschool Due my irregular
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I made something for oversleeping studen

Due to my irregular
schedule I often
This is me, a college
There must be an easy way to And there was..
stop myself from I so I started coding my very
thought. own Android app-
After months of hard
I present to you:
ttl we tlt r ". In 51
Time: for School is a
dynamic alarm clock that All : dc:
wakes you up by looking at TORI and It: "Hal
pan: _ automatically adapt to it.
I 'tallet Mam
It will notify you before
each class starts. 'Fleur.
Delete an CE!
If your class is cancelled,
all you have to do is delete
that class for that particular
day, and the alarm will
Google Calendar automatically adapt.
I' m already working on new
features, like: Google
Calendar synchronisation
and Home Screen widgets.
Visit wwy. times-:
for more information.
link in comments}
Single play
Available on Google Play
for . 49 [I' m looking
into a free ad supported
I' m sorry for the
shameless self promotion.
I promise I will past
nothing but cats wearing
bacon hats from now on.
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