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#545 - bluelightbebop
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(03/18/2012) [-]
Well, that would be accurate if life had a REAL sensitive meaning in this world.
But, think for a second.
Life is "precious" in a very ambivalent way...
We humans love to give meaning to everything we touch, we love to think we are entitled to something versed upon what many call "greater purpose"...
Truth is, we do not differ from any other Mammal roaming this world.
Yeah, we might no have evolved claws to attack, or a dense fur to cover us from cold, but said evolution can be seen in our technological advances.
We are the only species that can, not only destroy other species, but our environment as well... Yet, that doesn't make us any special or different from your average Elephant.

It's all about practical thinking.
Our "advanced" thought patterns makes us try to give an ulterior meaning to everything happening around us...

TL:DR Version: There is no real meaning to the fact that you are alive.
You where created in a bedroom (If you are lucky) and that's that, you just gotta go out and... Well, be a mammal and survive.
User avatar #567 to #545 - meateatercat
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(03/18/2012) [-]
So basically, we give ourselves our own meanings?
I think I like this point of view.
#571 to #567 - bluelightbebop
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(03/18/2012) [-]
Exactly my Carnivorous Feline.

Think for a second.
We are social animal, we interact with each other and somehow, try to remain stable on said activity.
Social interaction builds up a persona and gives you a certain amount of knowledge about the people you talk to.
Those people change you, they mold you.

You have two options.

1) You go all "OH ****, i was lucky to meet these people... Maybe, it was my destiny to be who i am, What are the odds of finding people who helped me like that?"

2) You accept that...
You live in a ******* city, it's IMPOSSIBLE not to know at least ONE person there.
You are supposed to, Humans evolve intellectually via social interaction.
No matter who you know, you will always be "affected" by those surrounding you.

The odds or being who you are are slim, but the fact that they are slim doesn't make it special, since there are COUNTLESS possibilities in regards to who you can become.

It's that simple.