Lucid Dreaming. sorry if repost. Lucid Dreaming STILL any marlin. Your brain ' posetion, minimum THU MUST ALLERT' . marmot' yuu. I knew that I would eventually run across another post on lucid dreaming. I am very glad I have. I am very familiar with the practice and application of lucid d
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Lucid Dreaming

sorry if repost

Lucid Dreaming
STILL any marlin. Your brain '
minimum THU MUST
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Submitted: 03/14/2012
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#79 - anonymous (03/14/2014) [-]
is this really that scary?? ive been wanting to do this but I don't know anymore
#78 - anonymous (08/31/2013) [-]
One night I fell into sleep paralysis and then I heard the chatter that some people heard, I then blacked out, I woke up on the floor on my back and when I tried to move I physically could not get back into bed, scary ****
#74 - anonymous (07/04/2013) [-]
the way to escape sleep paralysis or any dream is push your eyes really hard closed 2 seconds and open fast now your awake without any ******** , has always worked for me but i did this every night about 6 years from age of 6 to age 12 mayby more becouse i did see nightmares all night every night like 4 good dreams a year and i know becouse i waked up with my technique and remembered every dream now when i'am waking from dream i do this just before waking up so i can remember what i seen
#73 - anonymous (03/21/2012) [-]
Man before reading this post i once fell asleep with my eyes open and I heard my door creek open and my mom was standing their beside me with a knife and she whispered" There you are.. if i couldnt find you id cry" and she was ready to stab me. it took soo much effort to snap out of it since i couldnt move. i couldnt scream. it was messed..

#72 - anonymous (03/16/2012) [-]
Someone should videotape themself doing this, and then upload the relevant part! :)
#60 - Canadiac **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#59 - anonymous (03/15/2012) [-]
easier way to get sleep paralysis: sleep on the couch on your stomach, in daylight
User avatar #57 - Dazy (03/15/2012) [-]
I want to try this! But comments completely put me off it because all I can think is 'something bad is gonna happen to me'. I'm just gonna write on a post it note to remind myself to try it on a night where I heven't read any creepy **** on FJ lol
User avatar #51 - barpmeep (03/15/2012) [-]
>lay down with arms by side
>close eyes
>wait 30 seconds
>get random boner
> **********
>pass out
works every time
#49 - vuittoncouture (03/15/2012) [-]
Woke up in a hallucination, have phobia for clowns, clowns with bloody tears everywhere.
**** my imagination. (Pic sorta related).
#46 - siriuslee (03/15/2012) [-]
I've controlled/remembered my dreams for as long as I can remember...
I kinda just do it.
#63 to #46 - rileyka (03/15/2012) [-]
#56 to #46 - Dazy (03/15/2012) [-]
Same here Ive always had major troubles getting to sleep but if, when I do get to sleep, I don't like the dream I can change it without waking up fully. Every now and then I have a ranodm nightmare though but ould be boring if you could control everything everytime
User avatar #44 - superpedodonkey (03/15/2012) [-]
i tried lucid dreaming, managed to get to the point where i couldn't move, but i think i properly fell asleep, can't remember anything of it except i woke up like an hour later sweating my ass off, i find it harder as i've grown up sleeping on my stomach
User avatar #43 - somekornchick (03/15/2012) [-]
I really want to try it, but I'm scared that I will hear creepy noises and see creepy things...
User avatar #61 to #43 - aratedchris (03/15/2012) [-]
Don't do it, seriously
User avatar #58 to #43 - stubop (03/15/2012) [-]
if you just keep positive thoughts, you'll be fine. It's like in real life where if you THINK something bad is gonna happen, it usually will
User avatar #68 to #58 - zytherman (03/15/2012) [-]
Not necessary true, dreams and dream like states tend to have a more negative emotion than it does a good one, anything you see or hear will have a larger chance of being something that is a fear, or angry towards you.
User avatar #40 - cocksmash (03/15/2012) [-]
This isn't how you lucid dream, this seems like a way to waste a whole lot of time. Aside from the internet of course.
#42 to #40 - anonymous (03/15/2012) [-]
Yes it is you schmuck there are many different methods you can use to access a lucid dream, one of them (hardest one I might add) is going through paralysis through laying down calming yourself down.
User avatar #39 - Foxpaw (03/15/2012) [-]
Read the post, thought this was badass.

Read the comments, never sleeping again. Ever.
User avatar #36 - fidgetyfoe (03/15/2012) [-]
I do this unconsciously, it annoys me when I wake up.
#34 - lenoodles (03/15/2012) [-]
I will have to try that!!
I will have to try that!!
User avatar #28 - balafas (03/15/2012) [-]
I want to try this so bad...sounds badass
#27 - anonymous (03/15/2012) [-]
One time I realized that I was dreaming and then my brain tried to thwart me by giving me 5 dreams of me waking up. **** you brain.
User avatar #70 to #27 - evww (03/15/2012) [-]
Holy **** that happened to me too, i think i woke up then fell right back to sleep had another dream of me waking up, and my dad bringing me cereal, then things like that over and over again, till my dad had to come and tell me I missed the bus and now i ****** my perfect attendance record... The **** brain
#26 - unigrounds (03/15/2012) [-]
**** just got real. Last night, I was dreaming, and suddenly, I realised that I was dreaming. From that point on, I was very careful not to wake up (they say if you get too excited in your dream, you will wake up). Anyways, it was all good fun until I lost it and woke up... I know.. I shouldn't have tried something stupid that early.
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