Fats McGee and his Retard Three. The Adventures of Fats McGee and his Retard Three. File: 13_ KB, 501x321. heaping] You nave no idea. Evan Mow. about Meme names fourchan retard fats McGee
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Fats McGee and his Retard Three

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Fats McGee and his Retard Three. The Adventures of Fats McGee and his Retard Three. File: 13_ KB, 501x321. heaping] You nave no idea. Evan Mow. about Meme names

The Adventures of Fats McGee and his Retard Three

File: 13_ KB, 501x321. heaping]
You nave no idea.
Evan Mow.
about Meme names.
was and es Renard wee walk In out of we blue, and mt In desks.
ebon we are you damg?‘
mks an me
mars this nomine. muse
The muse
Start preparing to evacuate Glass
was suddenely Imam es need
an warms fuckig desk
em over we
mere are undigested hunks on may around In his stomach add
ewe names than follwed Fats start and running around we mom
ml Guard
Yard Guard nave gore ourside to Ian we Reads are I mean play , on we ritgh
wereas... wee on them In my room-
eon we you meg were up nee
we some gen were.
need nerd Guard down to classroom
ecard Guard _ up Fats Mega and we Renard wee
swanks out
endow do about we desk
wave to leach all day because on we small.
Anonymous (ID: ) : Iio.
very wan. ms Is we I that merged my me. new
Fats Magoo. are Renard Thus.
year lawn
Be neaping Freshman emery In we mimosa. due to we sue on we mass.
was Mega and his _ wee walk o, push we me, go to vending Leonore.
num around to batch were out
See we/ re mended
ethans Vows eyes we me
ml am suddenly very. very aware Mmust new Verge and / ike ms Mcgee Is.
h those eyes. I see no dam swept wen to men .
was gens his arm studs In vending meme, (Mug to reach up to pull we out.
a lot less .
was Alleges starts screaming end
his arm sad.
Simply snare
ecard Guard came Mr start meg to see em
The Renard wee are around. wrying
emy enfire nae slapped to watch we Chaos.
One of we Renard was starts Namira me, In his we tone
was M's was himseld, has were In a puddle on Imus wrying. arm In we vending meme.
had to some and out we findng meme to shit to nee em.
annus sages a on nerd.
was eyes wok one Mme one foal Mme as they mo em away
ml see In (ruse eyes rage.
nee no Is gang to suck.
Plix memes any we first
In . work. gng on some school stuff (At this porn. I' m (Mug to Th my Masters)
was benning In MM
e up
ems Mm and his we wees are down we new Inns and waving to lemma wen We were
essary as they swan Inns my
mom, waves
mihgt wave we
go. you're my classroom.-
ecard was In
ml snare seek
news out we same @1949 . a nose rd some to earn TN, song of we Tae.
Starts ( take we We on essays he
we snap
nerd Guard walks In.
ebon were you are"
ebon were yerf
ebon were-
ems nerd Guard managed to Vase nor Tans
enougn sligtly
Whai they cam new it."
personally we - they oars new it, because I nave a spam amen family doesn' t eon like that Please leave.‘
ml gen marred at
to woe Mm Tani Guard
Why ween they win
Dumb Mich - queen
yhe gens Med one weeks later
Indeed. It was gowns.
Fats :
scramming tor my nee snare In , to Th my Masters. Class Is taking was were I press sense powerpole. sereis paying .
nears gm In my G/ ass scream
asland up, someone to nave a keno. because I teach In one M we shittiest In we
was Meg» and his Renard wee nave waned In. and started screaming Renard Speech at tns new (Mug to steal redorange new
n nave em Just about enougn on this shit.
Fats by his onus arm
ems starts screaming and straggler\ g
we buddies start wrying
mihgt even we
Drag Fats Magoo back to we nerd m AKA Thummb% me
neon open door meg omen tme
iscream at nerd Guard
estuve Fats In
back to . but not more seems; we Fats had orally shit himseld. Bad enougn mm In deem even wok like a stan; In Iain: like shit Is mutually from we back of his pans.
all we way back to my
esham door
nan students watch Man us. we some rest on Glass.
wand sense so much we an of we day. I start takia skin off.
wthat even give a fuck.
I C) Anonymous In ) : 35 Iio.
was must m a sophomore about this pone. I nave my Masters, and man on working
on my Doctorate soon.
vlde become we seesaw we because we pm/ Ions ore was misled nor we welds of stints.
students Field tor fourth Mock. ween Is and
nerds are on new
calmly ask nerd Guard it they can wrap In up. sees we nerds only nave we was tor nerd Mock.
nerd Guards new we wean I acttually (Ike. starts rounding them up, dong news.
was domes to wean MN m a war um m graduates
ems mks at me
claris may from nerd Guard
nerd Guard. begun pursed
was runs up we Maxims. He gas to we nee and nuns his bluejeans at we nerd Guard.
enire nerd Guard Is pegged. and Is mam o descovered sue nears.
was Is smog Immense stamos, capable on mnmzg we s massive nudging tral
e sens every time a Guard gens dose. e Atemt- on shit.
nerd pens at me, timmy stops were
ewe In we gym man day.
CO Anonymous In Otha' ) : 32 My. 31%
it'd nay.
same I/ ear's we red
ens Homerooms Day; ween means we &mt do shit, and were are venous for we kWh.
on schooners. studying became I' m a Booking red.
o: anonyg
nook up
we fucknig ohms!
Rare comes Fats Mega and his Renard wee
was Ines to do we we slit%' we do In moves. and ends up shamming Inns me.
we sunk. He smells like A day we sowed cabbage we was seen on out In we sun. and marveled In plss and .
His Renard Three st Ingrown of me, more me
wegame Mend passes by, Is (Manny ' win my ' Iowans we nerds
to accept bommie pawns, sen nope In my heart wean we was on (Moran my lace betrays we Idea I' m seing tritely
wee are still sharing. one ' drooling. and Ins starlet to we on my seek.
we can you stop Ruff
was Is shrekoning In my ear
we starts wasing before my eyes
up. starts meme one noses. name we Remus to -go we fuck may
ml became seen friends with e mere. Rey. new so mar.
Maegan my revenge.
wen wees shit Slams on we heear) ven next to me. and we book I was Is ramed.
to a new
erasure revenge plot
1 Anonymous In ) : an My.
mm. nes
ms sophmore year
mere nave seen marry _ Part v and Part VI, sun nooning that wouldn' t m much more than a repeat.
seen deem one Fats sen norms and a nan years rm.
and Ray. who ' a sermon. nave became allies we nerd Menace
ml I' m to nave to ounce! picsauce we day more a neg game because of a ' Prom' verse nerd were
wage plotters were Ray.
may ends ms more alone at some pawn.
we gives sans were mean dona's to, In we Huddle on prom. wee his new out and start mew Fats one t.
may me to go to we From where we bang a peer sum. ? me wean rm m ween In
bang sored and Mutated at my
ore on we _ wee we out his ddk and starts In agarest Fats.
Fats ‘James. and starts shrekoning
nerd Guard Is occupied
eon my god Ray you dun‘!
we my god I totally did mach
Fats - no Rage Mode: mean Farm
was Imps out his owe. no Penis and starts -dunno es mend. In nerd Rage
The nerd were has no Idea
was suddenly grass his Tad and nuns him oto a . sen up tor “nuns
ewe newer (3415. ready we nerd Guard
PM VI Pat 2, in gum e Manet.
D Anonymous In ) : 55 Iio.
NI, rem. seeks. Loose.
wens nos removed his pares , and Is waving his one around.
on everysong.
ewe Renard wee nave GM snarled cock dueling.
l' m swung. awestruck. at when Ray has _
was Vows at me
eon nucking Jam. we end ' nee.
was slams Inns me at MI Renard speed. and starts forearming In my tama.
pulls em Mt, but gets In tatertot' we kid because on Ultimate Mower anon Mode
n stand. covered In nerd we and Shit
I gen home
thak at that porn. Fats eased nomad m fucked up. Because m Inst snarled crying.
annus. we beginning of we End nod armed.
ml was famed to remove Ray were we team because on we Prom , on we're still In fiends even arterie
nam my nerd yeard . and ms . Ins taken all summer, sun Ne new out my plan.
ml em get damaged In sonofa. / d find a way to blame me arms swoon. I nave to Timi a way to gen Fats to damage
ma outset% of sored.
soon. became m was new we a year In mawhile . so I Gould gen him need as an men.
n use a Cooke to one on his Renard wee. and now nave a Spy In we use
ml learn thatway‘ s ewe Is Maren am. he second semesters his Junior year.
I man. I hang a good teacher. and am Nose to my PhD.
One day. to a , Fats begins no (ads were my mind sedan“ I' m not so dose to em.
Thsn In woes.
w C) Anonymous are ) ) : tmmr Iio. aae:
Maren news around. Aime Ist comes.
r l ell Is Mme.
u start {Mung sens panies. wean he dos '.
nuns out, Fats Is an avid tan on moves. and lowes to we .
I use my Spy to mam when Fats Is gong to m at a moms.
H to we weanie. and soon Fats In ere.
ens tune. I prepare myself, before wacking mans we . I down on him see me wmm we're In we Ire.
mean my Isak. hey made fresh popcorn. and m nae a bucket.
nee Is to hurt tatally sad. but we m worm In.
was we around.
enougn ‘Found you, :
was starts screeming
me to my sleep, Isl. Incoming FINAL BOSS BATTLE.
LI Anonymous In ) 51 My. % llh?
mare dawn Fats.
was starts freeway we task out, and snaking.
nuns inwards me, eyes moan as we recognises me.
um! gee.
was suddenly more we sceaming modem at me, and on me.
we ; waned on by a Renard
suddenly comes and yanks em off
one Security Guard we Vows sewer.
ervery shit, In Rey.
are med. because I' m speeding.
ml press merges. es Mower rages and says I provoked him.
anemone's tom schoor testify that Fats was sways agressive and rage
Eevery. . He ever. caused. Is semen Inns t.
ems Is found gm, as an Adult of we Degree Assault, and Is kven 9 memes in Jail r a 5. 000 .
ml walk out of we Court House.
essary up at we (minds.
we happens. no matter haloid I gen.
em newser turist.
ems . A no Renard wee.
emu it you ever plan on [smug t up In my some
dust remembering snares _ you, and _ you we Damn Shit.
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i don't care if it's long... i read that bitch of a thing! totally worth it!
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Took my 15 minutes, but totally worth it.
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What Fat's Magee is up to now....
What Fat's Magee is up to now....
#56 - carkeyking
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(03/14/2012) [-]
'And thus ends the tale of Fats Mcgee...'
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i want a friend like ray.
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Give this man a ******* medal