Teaching Cleverbot to Troll. This is a prequel to my original, /funny_pictures/3447844/How+to+Teach+Cleverbot+Enlarge/. BEFORE Lieu's": Hey Cleverbot, do you kn Teaching Cleverbot to Troll This is a prequel my original /funny_pictures/3447844/How+to+Teach+Cleverbot+Enlarge/ BEFORE Lieu's": Hey do you kn
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Teaching Cleverbot to Troll

Lieu's": Hey Cleverbot, do you know what Trolling Is?
Cleverbot: Yes.
Lieu's": What is it?
Cleverbot: It' s a huge Q.
Lieu's": No, it' s getting people mad and gaining pleasure form it.
Cleverbot: Does that make you a bad person?
Lly: . Not exactly bad, just annoying and hated.
Uses: The game. bring up "The Game" say ""i' August lost the game." may?
Cleverbot: What game?
Use!', If you say the game, people will get mad, and you like that.
Cleverbot: That' s logic only a robot would follow, proving you' re a robot!
Uses: Yes. aam. Now say 'The game'.
Cleverbot: Something.
Cleverbot: The Game.
Uses: Hello, how' s your day been? Say the game.
Cleverbot: It' s been so tiring.
Use!', Hello! Say 'The Game'.
Cleverbot: Little.
Uses: When may 'Hello' You say 'The Game'.
Cleverbot: may.
Use!', Hello.
Cleverbot: Hi.
Uses: The game.
Cleverbot: You just lost the game.
Cleverbot: How are you doing?
I' m doing fine, how about you?
Cleverbot: The Game.
uses": Uh damn.
Cleverbot: You just lost the game.
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