Joys of Atheism. OC of Badguygc so dedz to him. Se hen can you be a quad persin Without God? Why dan' t yen just murder people am fun Vince yen den' t believe i
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Joys of Atheism

Joys of Atheism. OC of Badguygc so dedz to him. Se hen can you be a quad persin Without God? Why dan' t yen just murder people am fun Vince yen den' t believe i

OC of Badguygc so dedz to him

Se hen can you be a quad
persin Without God? Why
dan' t yen just murder
people am fun Vince yen
den' t believe in Hell?
Hey Earp, are you an
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Submitted: 03/12/2012
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#146 - AnonTheTerrible **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#3 - Rascal (03/12/2012) [-]
Does this also mean that atheists are the only truely good people, because all their acts of kindness are not driven by reward of paradise or punishment of hell?   
Here's a cute kitty.
Does this also mean that atheists are the only truely good people, because all their acts of kindness are not driven by reward of paradise or punishment of hell?

Here's a cute kitty.
#80 to #3 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
I would argue that Christians' acts of kindness is not driven by reward, or at least it shouldn't be.
A Christian should be kind to others because he wants to, he wants to be a good person and wants to be more like his Creator.

Also, that cat is very cute :3
#180 to #80 - mrgreatnames **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#152 to #3 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
Take this. You deserve it anon!
Take this. You deserve it anon!
#137 to #3 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
"if god is willing to help humanity but not able to, hes not omnipotent.
if hes able but not willing to, hes malevolent.
if hes neither willing nor able to, then why call him god?"
User avatar #6 to #3 - xplosevdiarrhea (03/12/2012) [-]
Interesting point, but it is bested by those who sin for the sake of others believing that they will suffer eternal damnation.
User avatar #26 to #3 - noodlelover (03/13/2012) [-]
Anon 1 -- Christians 0

Anon wins.
#133 - weapsycho (03/13/2012) [-]
definitely expecting this...
#93 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
"Religious people do what they are told is right because they fear punishment.

Non-religious people do what they think is right because they are good people."

But there are bad people in both groups, of course.
#96 to #93 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
Without any sort of God, there is no standard of good.
User avatar #98 to #96 - eowyn (03/13/2012) [-]

Religion and Morals are not synonymous.
#101 to #98 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
But God and morals are synonymous.
God is the only way morals could have possibly came to be, a being designed it that way.
Morals, and evolutionary theory are nearly mutually exclusive, there is no natural way for morals to have come to be under evolutionary theory

User avatar #107 to #101 - thaihooker (03/13/2012) [-]

doesn't understand evolution --> uses it as evidence aganist it

#108 to #107 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
how don't I understand evolution, please tell me?
It was my major (evolutionary biology) before I became a Christian.
User avatar #111 to #108 - thaihooker (03/13/2012) [-]
i am not going to spend my time explaining to you how morals can give a species or a group within a species an advantage in natural selection, so i'll just give you something to read

i know that just throwing a wikipedia link at you and running away when you confront me is a little weak, but i think we both now that this discussion could blow up into something that will cost both of us a lot of time without any results

have a nice day
#115 to #111 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
There is no actual, solid connections between being nice to other people and defining what actually is the difference between right and wrong. It is a commonly held view that morality arose from primate sociality, but we have no evidence of such.
User avatar #128 to #115 - satyrn (03/13/2012) [-]
Yeah, just like we've no evidence of "darwinism" and "science" is just a theory for losers with no real logic, right?

As a group of organisms, it is mutually beneficial to that group to support each other, in order to most greatly benefit from more efficient processes and economies of scale.
If doing what is best for primarily our society, secondarily our species and finally our world as a whole isn't the "right" course of action, then being "right" is actually dangerous and ultimately destructive, which defeats the entire purpose of the argument.
User avatar #140 to #128 - neoexdeath (03/13/2012) [-]
I'm a good person, because if I'm not the Reapers will take over the Galaxy o.o
User avatar #102 to #101 - eowyn (03/13/2012) [-]
You'd be a more convincing troll if your username wasn't such an obvious oxymoron.
#104 to #102 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
I'm not trolling, faith and reason are not at odds at all
I grew up an atheist, spend 17 years of my life as one, and then I became a Christian and despite what you may think, I didn't take leave of my senses when I did it.
Faith can be a perfectly reasonable thing
User avatar #106 to #104 - eowyn (03/13/2012) [-]
No. Just stop.
#109 to #106 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
So instead of being open-minded and actually trying to have a reasonable debate....
User avatar #110 to #109 - eowyn (03/13/2012) [-]
I've given up debating with religious people - if there was any reasoning with religious people, there wouldn't be religious people - , and I'm still relatively certain you're a troll because no one can actually be that stupid.

Good day.
#113 to #110 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
I find it funny that atheists would accuse Christians of being narrow-minded and offensive. When you're completely unwilling to discuss it and continually call me stupid, instead of discussing whether or not God exists.
I'm asking you to talk about it, to try to reason with me, and you wont have it.

Who's the narrow-minded one now?
User avatar #114 to #113 - eowyn (03/13/2012) [-]
As you could surmise from what I previously wrote, I have tried to discuss with religious people about many topics.

It does not work.

I am tired.

Go on wasting your life, it's no longer my problem.

Now leave.
#116 to #114 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
I'm afraid you are the one who's wasting you life, my friend.
Consider this, either I am wrong, or you are wrong.
If I am wrong, then so what, I've lived my entire life according to a standard that I believe.
If you are wrong, then there is something beyond death, and you will suffer because you refused to consider the possibility.
Do you not even care enough about yourself to even seriously consider it, or are you too tired to care about anything at all?
#124 to #116 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
I consider myself an Atheist, though I'm probably more of agnostic.
But in my eyes, living a religious life out of fear of punishment after death, isn't religious at all, it's just fear, which completely negates the whole message of the new testament.
Actually, I'll claim that 80% of all religious people claims to be religious, because if you claim to have been put through something along the lines of what is in the bible, most selfproclaimed religious people, would say that you're crazy.
Religion should be a conscious choice, but a feeling - And I don't feel it.

I did see myself as a Christian once, but found that I actually didn't belive it all that much, thus redifining myself as an Atheist, as I see agnosticism as a weak view.

I'd rather take my punishment after life, and be honest with myself, than lie, and be a practicing Christian, not out of faith, but out of fear.
I mean - if you actually lie about your faith, to ensure a spot in heaven I'd say that Atheists has a bigger chance of ending up in heaven because they do what's right, because it's right, and not because they fear punishment after life.

If god is an all-loving being, then why should he/she/it only accept the people that most of the time prays, to ask him/her/it for favors, and not accept people who have been good people and never asked for anything?
#125 to #124 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
Minor correction

Religion shouldn't be a conscious choice, but a feeling - And I don't feel it.

#207 to #125 - eowyn (03/13/2012) [-]
You sir, win everything ever.
You sir, win everything ever.
User avatar #119 to #116 - eowyn (03/13/2012) [-]
I have tried to say goodbye twice now. For the love of all that is good, stop replying.
User avatar #131 to #116 - satyrn (03/13/2012) [-]
Every time I see that pathetic, overused and utterly irrelevant argument I lose a little faith in humanity.

You're threatening us with something that, in our world view, doesn't exist.
You're asking us to believe in something out of fear, not out of true faith.
Most Atheists have considered, extremely carefully, the arguments for and against your beliefs. That's part of the way logic works. We, in general, believe in logic above all else. Most of us have considered, debated and then rejected you views, because, to us, the are false.

How about this: I believe in a giant flying ball of lava, that, if you don't bend the knee to it every second friday, will eat you when you die and you'll spend an eternity in it's fiery bowels. "Consider this, either I am wrong, or you are wrong.
If I am wrong, then so what, I've lived my entire life according to a standard that I believe.
If you are wrong, then there is something beyond death, and you will suffer because you refused to consider the possibility." That argument cuts you more than it cuts us.
#168 to #116 - mrgreatnames **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#206 to #110 - shcifter (07/17/2012) [-]
nice house quote faggot.
User avatar #99 to #93 - sebbiechan (03/13/2012) [-]
Religious people can do what they want and just pray for forgiveness later.
#167 - miggo **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#176 to #167 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
If God is so good then come he's dead?
#91 - FeaRiGinGeR (03/13/2012) [-]
Because prison would suck dick.
User avatar #142 to #91 - ZOOTAllures (03/13/2012) [-]
correction- becuase *in* prison *you* would suck dick
#51 - muhamidallea (03/13/2012) [-]
Too bad i believe in prison....
#29 - aBlindMoron (03/13/2012) [-]
Atheism =/= Anarchism
User avatar #31 to #29 - jokeface (03/13/2012) [-]
in some ways i feel like they are the same. if every single person believed that there was no God, then eventually someone would go crazy and start **** . and that **** would grow into a storm of **** , or a " ********* " if you will. and then it would be anarchy. but that doesnt happen (at least not on a global scale) because some people believe that God is watching us, and that belief motivates them to keep their act together
User avatar #33 to #31 - aBlindMoron (03/13/2012) [-]
If everyone simultaneously stopped believing in a God, there wouldn't be a ********* . In fact, it's possible to apply the moral and ethical philosophies taught in most religions to everyday life simply because it's the right thing to do.

Don't kill people, not because God is watching you, but because in the infinite cosmos Earth is the only known source of life, making it the most precious resource in history.

Don't steal / lie / cheat etc. because you wouldn't want someone to do that to you.

And so on.

Religion was necessary at a point in civilization's history because it kept people from senselessly killing each other (for the most part), but now, in this age of enlightenment, it's possible to transcend the dogmatic political philosophies of the religious institution and live only by the moral and ethical codes.
User avatar #42 to #33 - jokeface (03/13/2012) [-]
you make valid points and for the most part i agree with them. but in the interest of taking an objective stance on the matter, i have to point out that without a higher power dictating our actions, i see no reason to believe that killing/stealing/etc is wrong. if i can get away with it, and it doesnt hurt me, then why shouldn't i do whatever i want? who says those things are wrong?
#53 to #42 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
that makes you a sociopath
User avatar #59 to #53 - jokeface (03/13/2012) [-]
perhaps. then again, a sociopath is defined as "a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience."

im not antisocial. sometimes im shy, but once i start talking to people i can be pretty social. as for lack of conscience, i say the idea of conscience is, like Godless morality, subjective.

and need i remind you that everything im saying in this thread is predicated on there being no God, even though im a devout born-again Christian? i believe in God, and therefore all of my arguments are hypothetical, so you calling me a sociopath is pretty pointless
#55 to #53 - aBlindMoron (03/13/2012) [-]
>mfw I included sociopath in my post but it took me more than 10 minutes to write it.
>inb4 i look redundant
User avatar #54 to #42 - aBlindMoron (03/13/2012) [-]
If your entire outlook on life and your moral philosophy is based solely on what will happen to you in your afterlife, then I will say that's a very immature and juvenile way to go about existing. And that bit about 'getting away with it' is subjective. It depends on what you're committing. Shoplifting from a ******* walmart or pirating music is nothing. But if you could honestly live with the psychological trauma that arises when you kill another human being... and experience no remorse then you're a ******* sociopath. This isn't even an issue of afterlife anymore. It's about your own selfishness.

All hostilities aside.

Killing/stealing from/cheating/exploiting others is wrong simply because you KNOW it is wrong... whether you're a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Nontheist, Pantheist or otherwise.
User avatar #57 to #54 - jokeface (03/13/2012) [-]
no, i dont KNOW its wrong. if there's no God then there is no universal right and wrong. its all subjective. this was one of the central themes of my philosophy class last year. moral relativity. if there's no supreme arbitrator, then morality is meaningless.
#56 to #54 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
The question is then, is that why is it wrong?
Without some sort of God, there is absolutely no standard for anything
What's wrong with theft, cheating, rape or murder?
The only reason you KNOW it's wrong, instictively, is because you were created to know the difference from right and wrong.

A difference, I might add, that is completely unaccounted for by evolutionary theory, especially since, it's counter-productive to doing everything you can to survive.

I was an atheist for most for most of my life, but now I'm a Christian.
#67 to #56 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
Were do you get that you instinctively know the difference between right and wrong? Your perception as such is defined by the society you live on, based on peer group, etc. I myself am also a christian, previously being an agnostic, but the whole basis for this debate is that without a religion, a society can't define right and wrong, because there is no "code of conduct" not because they're stupid, or anything, but because no one has the right to say another is wrong.

You get into moral grey areas, questions get asked, boundary's of law get pushed, and without some checking system, their system of morality can me lost.

Consider tribes of cannibals. If it is wrong in our society, to kill and eat another human being, then shouldn't it be in there's? no, they have no basis to believe so, no one has the right to tell them "You're wrong". but Religion's can. Getting in this current day and age, this may shift, but only because all societies in pop culture came from these back grounds, and so there moral system is set in stone as law, not able to be thrown into grey areas, etc.

I tried to explain my views as best I could, I apologize if I have failed to do so.

#68 to #67 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
I get that from the obvious evidence, Cannibals know that it's wrong to kill and eat people, just as people who rape who its' wrong, the only difference between us and them, is that they do it anyways. And I agree that there are certain grey areas, where it's not clear, or confusing, but consider children of any culture, without being taught, they know that lying, cheating, and all other "basic" morality they are born with.
#71 to #68 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
When have they ever said that they know it is wrong? In the case of tribal cannibals. Lying is taught to be wrong be their peers, yes, because in there society it gets in the way of the mechanics of things. That will be a constant, because they will teach it in the house hold. but in the case of cheating, what about people who argue that cheating is only cheating if you're caught?

The argument there would state that, they know it's wrong, they just do it anyways. but people have TOLD them it's wrong. The problem I run into with this debate is, it's difficult to find reference of the account of a person truly growing up in anarchy. Religion in the agreed guideline for a society, but like government and law it's only put into action by society, or law, respectively. To be clearer: kids only know it's wrong because the people around them tell them it is so. I can't reference a child born into anarchy, without peers, so I have no way of seeing if a child would know lying, stealing, cheating and other such things are wrong.

#74 to #71 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
There are examples where people know if something is right or wrong, without actually being taught that by others.
You should look up some of the isolated societies like the amazonians and the tibetans and some of the others who went untouched by western society for hundreds, if not thousands of years, you'll find that with nobody from the exterior telling them these things are wrong, they already know that they are.

#76 to #74 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
I understand that, their Society says so. my point is does ONE person know this, growing up cut off from society, no one telling them right and wrong. You understand?
#78 to #76 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
I get what you're saying, and unfortunately there is no way to test this without a vicious amount of cruelty to that person, but I believe that that person would still know the difference between right and wrong, because I believe it is something all human beings are born with.
I also think that fact is one of the most powerful evidences of God, that there is something that is in humanity, that evolution, by definition, cannot account for.
#82 to #78 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
I guess we're just at in impasse, because I think God created the need, specifically the rule to abide to our parents, and to others of faith, as a way to instill the sense of good and evil in the young. Good conversation, though. Have a good day, or evening, depending on your location xD.
#39 to #31 - Drageads (03/13/2012) [-]
It says a lot about some people when they claim that the only reason to be moral is fear of eternal hell fire...
#62 to #29 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
Think about it, Logically they aren't much different. Without a God, there is no standard for morality for what's good and evil at all. What's to stop me from raping/murdering somebody? Societal rules, where do they come from? From the fact that people are born with the idea of right and wrong.
God put that there, not evolution.
#118 to #62 - canonfanboy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#159 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
#164 to #159 - hourhero **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#165 to #159 - redclover (03/13/2012) [-]
well when you put it that way...
User avatar #22 - sargasm (03/13/2012) [-]
cause i don't need the lingering threat of eternal damnation to have morals
#65 to #22 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
It's not the lingering threat of damnation to have morals, it's that logically, without God, morals have no natural cause.
Think about it man, morals cannot rise out of evolution because it's counter-productive do doing whatever you can to pass on your genes. So the question natural arises, where did morals come from?
Bear in mind, that every single human being, regardless of culture, race, or place of origin has a sense of morality, of knowing what is right and wrong.

Speaking as an atheist who became a Christian, it's a powerful evidence for the existence of God.

#70 to #65 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
listen up, wannabe socrates.
if your imaginary friend is the only reason you aren't a murderer then you are seriously ****** up.

And no, I dont give a **** about "philosophy" without proof
#72 to #70 - reasonandfaith (03/13/2012) [-]
First off, God is not imaginary, there is tons of evidence for His existence if you would be open-minded enough to actually listen.

And I'm not saying He isn't the only reason I'm not a murderer, I'm saying without God there is logically no reason not to, because there's no morality or right and wrong.
And you should care, because your views on God literally have an impact on everything else in your life.
#174 to #72 - mrgreatnames **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #211 to #72 - sargasm (03/13/2012) [-]
lol everybody fight!
#169 - hugebull (03/13/2012) [-]

Jail and guilt? Guilt is a feeling that humans have had long before religion.
User avatar #151 - vwanyama (03/13/2012) [-]
People do realise that being good doesn't get you in to heaven lol. You could murder 500 people but if you realise you've sinned and genuinely ask Jesus into your life you'd be forgiven. Just sayin...
#157 - raberintodesu (03/13/2012) [-]
Right is different from good and wrong is different from bad.
#103 - threethree (03/13/2012) [-]
Because of this
#49 - adamhollings (03/13/2012) [-]
#123 - Rascal (03/13/2012) [-]
IMO being an arrogant dumbass isn't restricted to any belief.
IMO being an arrogant dumbass isn't restricted to any belief.
User avatar #149 - thenoblescout (03/13/2012) [-]
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