Lotsa water. He drank it.. A koala was sitting in a gum tree smoking a joint When a little lizard walked past, looked up and said, 'Hey Koala! What are you doin lots of water
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Lotsa water

A koala was sitting in a gum tree smoking a joint
When a little lizard walked past, looked up and said, 'Hey
Koala! What are you doing?
So the little lizard climbed up and sat next to the koala where
they enjoyed a few hits. After a while the little lizard said that
his mouth was 'dry' and that he was going to gets drink from
the river.
The little lizard was so stoned that he leaned over too far and
fell into the river. A crocodile saw this and swam over to the
little lizard and helped him to the side. Then he asked the little
lizard, 'What' s the matter with you?
The little lizard explained to the crocodile that he had been
sitting with the koala in the tree, smoking a joint, but got too
stoned and fell into the river while taking a drink...
The crocodile said that he had to check this out and walked
into the rain forest, found the tree where the koala was sitting
finishing a joint. The crocodile looked up and said,
Hey you!'
So the koala looked down at him and said,
How much water did you drink?
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#8 - rickmac
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(03/13/2012) [-]
#9 to #8 - rickmac
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#11 - mushizombie
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(03/13/2012) [-]
koalas don't live in rain forests...
koalas don't live in rain forests...
User avatar #1 - thatguyfromaus
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(03/12/2012) [-]
I laughed far to hard at this, It distracted my lecturer.
#5 - anon
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(03/13/2012) [-]
HOLY. SH!TBALLS. This is one of the first posts i saw on Fj, this must be many YEARS old. How the ****? D-did you seriously wait several years untill everybody would forget it JUST to repost it? Nice try though
User avatar #10 to #5 - Mandible
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(03/13/2012) [-]
#13 to #10 - joankim [OP]
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(03/13/2012) [-]
what a noob! How do you manage to get -6 thumbs with so great content? This definitely needed to be seen by more people lol :P
#6 to #5 - joankim [OP]
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(03/13/2012) [-]
well, I figured that 99% would have forgotten by now, so a lot of people would get a good laughter from it ;) Cause that's what really matters, isn't it?
User avatar #12 - snipingkoala
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(03/13/2012) [-]
Dude, I was really high that day.
#14 - playfaire
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(03/13/2012) [-]
**playfaire rolled a random image posted in comment #542 at Wut. **
#7 - nugafluga
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