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#561 - feedyourhead (03/08/2012) [-]
ok...ps3 has better graphics than xbox. just saying.
User avatar #568 to #561 - sannukas (03/08/2012) [-]
It's proven that Xbox has better graphics gard. But PS3 has a better processor.
#601 to #568 - Rascal (03/08/2012) [-]
XBox has on average 3 times longer load time, yeah boi!!!!
User avatar #602 to #601 - sannukas (03/08/2012) [-]
Go back to your gave. Graphics card has nothing to do whit loading time you uninteligent brick.
Your're just a stupid fanboy that dosen't know nohting about hardware and belives every roumour they hear.
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