kony 2012. www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc#!. I' d like to get serious for a minute here. This man, right here is Joseph Kony. He is KONY Invisible C
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kony 2012

I' d like to get serious for a minute here.
This man, right here is Joseph Kony. He is
a horrible man that started a group called
the LRA (Lords resistence army) which is
an army of children that Kony has
abducted and forced into becoming young
soldiers, prostitues, and child slaves.
So far, this horrible man has over 30, 000
children in his army.
and because it has has no danger to anything
involving America.... the government doesn' t
seem to think this needs to be taken care of
right away.
and without their voices heard, the
invisible children will remain invisible
and live in constant fear of being
rm:: M] lenus
So come together, at the April the 20th.
That is the day, we will cover the night.
People in all kind of cities, all over the
world meet at sundown a cover the city
with posters and stickers of Joseph Kony.
To Make Kony Famous. If you want to
help these kids and parents, cover the night
share this ith everyone you know, and
make sure that we make Joseph Kony
famous. Make our voices unable to be
ingored and right for what is right.
Video with more info in the description!
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Feel bad saying this but i have never seen that many well fed african children in one photo before.
#3 - lethalpeanut (03/07/2012) [-]
I'm kind of busy that day....
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