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#731 - chestypuller
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(03/07/2012) [-]
For real? This again?

The driver was William Greer, there is no truth to the cereal statement, and JFK arrived in Dallas on Air Force One, so no hotel. He was not about to sign a transportation bill into effect, and the car in the song is a chrysler sebring and is in no way related to the 1961 Lincoln stretch limo JFK rode in. ********. Again.
User avatar #739 to #731 - redwolfradolf
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(03/07/2012) [-]
I don't think you were supposed to beleive it's true.
The joke is about all the conspiracy theorists.
#742 to #739 - chestypuller
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(03/07/2012) [-]
It seemed a little too ridiculous. But still this the 36th time (approximately) Ive seen this here.