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That's nasty

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Natural Harvest - A Collection of Recipes
Ely Foils
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Paperback, 51 pages , we Ratings]:
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Semen is not only nutritious, but
it also has wounderful texture
and amazing cooking
properties. Like tine wine and
cheeses, the taste basemen is
complex and dynamic. Semen
is inexpensive to produce and is
commonly available in many, if
outmost, homes and
restaurants. Despite all of these
positive qualities, semen
remains neglected as afoot.
This book hopes to change that.
Once you overcome any initial
hesitation, you will be surprised
to learn how wonderful semen
ism the kitchen. Semen is an
exciting ingredient that can give
every dish you make an
Preview interesting twist. If you are a
passionate cook and are not
attachto experiment with new ingredients -Tou will love this cook boom
Here' s some at the is a mill
Moll tty the was check " tgt" tor link.
By Bingoliatwo Jan. , 2012
MAM There is something about this that just makes my mouth water. I must say I
was struck with absolute disbelief that semen could actually taste good! I' m not going to get to
descriptive but lets just say I' m pretty sure I know what semen taste like. This recipe book is really
something special. Finally something constructive to do with semen besides something sexual. I for one
ask my boys to save some for my recipe' s instead of losing their reserves in a sock. You barely notice
the taste but when you do it' s just tielight- Xoxo love Bingo Bangor.
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By Steven Oct. 21, 2011
I loved this book so much! After i bought it i instantly made a meal from It. I invited over my sons local
soccer team and my daughters volleyball team! I used my dogs semen to create a recipe called "
Cheesy pasta". The kids said they loved it and even asked for seconds. This Halloween i can' t wait to
make homemade snickers bars with my husbands cum for filling. I am so glad i got this book it has
opened a new door to my life- I have also served this dish to my local veteran friends. I also have a
grandfather who is mentally retarded who i made a nice chicken sandwich in which i switched out the
mayonnaise for some nice nutritious sperm. He uttered in a retarded manner", More >
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It's madam, and thank you for your kind words :)
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I think I'll fix a meal now!

If you know what I mean.....