Read it, you'll shit brix PART 2!. ATTENTION! PART 3 IS HERE AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! ENJOY!<br /> /funny_pictures/341362/Read+it+you+ll+shit+brix+PART+3/. Fell please comment and rate before You leave the page
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Read it, you'll shit brix PART 2!

Fell here I am again, hiding under the covers like the coward I am- Light is starting to into my
mm and the scene looks even worse. I am now trying to avoid moving and alerting this THING more
an ever, the stench is starting to become overwhelming and is almost causing me to gag
Besides the fact that my parents mutilated bodies are staring blankly at me and the
mm is turning into what smells like a garbage dump, it is almost peaceful, there is not a sound to be
I eard, and I fear that this THEE has visited my neighbors also. It is too quiet, no cars leaving for
sark, no lawn mowers starting up early in the morning, nothing. I' m starting to panic now, I live on the
mom story of my house, and it would be impossible to get my window open quickly enough to jump
y tlt. Even if I could break through the glass, the fall would most likely incapacitate me As I look
r. ound the room I remember the mirror in the corner, as I slowly try to position my body so I can see a
limp of whatever demon spawn it is before I die. A glimpse of hope enters my mind as I start to see
I e border of the mirr or, only to be crushed to realize the horror that, if I look into the mirror, it may as
at I am awake and getting ready to run. During this time for some reon, I took this chance to value
I y life. As I thought back on my life I realized that I was a nobody. Caver the years, I just took it. Neve
nohting back, or standing up for my opinion. I realized that enough was enough, and I need to run for
e door. My only hope is that I am fist enough.
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