Is this too far?. . t 223 in mg 12 b. incite" siden' [-] My friend and his father used to go to old battlefields and dig up bullets, guns, parts of tanks etc. U
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Is this too far?

t 223 in mg 12 b. incite" siden' [-]
My friend and his father used to go to old battlefields and dig up bullets, guns, parts of tanks
etc. Until that day I thought it was really cool. Then they dug up that bomb. It was obviously
still I doubt they realized that) so when I came over to their house and they
tried to show it to me, it exploded in my friend' s father' s arms.
I was standing far enough not to have been seriously Injured. They were a different matter.
My friend was bleeding like crazy and his father literally had no [ at least that is what I
remember, he was touer in so much blood that maybe It just looked that way to me), There
was an ambulance nearby so It got there in time to get us all to the hospital and save their
litres. They were twleve( to a doctor at the hospital] when my parents got to the
hospital and took me home.
Whenever I asked, my parents told me they were allure but didn' t allow me to go to their home
anymore. Then my friend' s entire family Just moved away- I didn' t even know that my friend or
his father had gotten out of the hospital. At the time I my parents and was just
waiting for my friend to get out of the hospital and come back to school. That never happened
so I am not sure if my parents told me the truth or lied to make me feel better. So it is
possible that they didn' t survive. My parents have lied to me about other things in the
things of similar importance} so I really don' t know.
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e Check your state/ provinces public an: hayes to see if their obituaries are in there.
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I don' t We in Russia anymore, and I will not be going back there any time soon. Also,
I reaaly don‘: want to find out. I have known too many people that have die. d,
killed at one point or another and I prefer to pretend that this friend and his dad are
perfectly fine to this day.,
as It}? trueno {J
In toylet Russia, bomb disowns you!
afer' ] 9 57 nning El . r. nigre ad er. Fl
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#2 - roronoas (03/04/2012) [-]
oh. man. of all the junk, this better make front page. thumbs up to you.
User avatar #1 - maidenmk (03/04/2012) [-]
If he doesnt want to know if they are really still alive or dead, then why
present the question in the first place?
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