13 year old "PUNKK". Previous Addition to this "Punkk": /channel/funny/He+s+pretty+badass/GvbBGTi/. mores at ASH I Lives in Mesa, Arizona Milena Vanna 13 year old "PUNKK" Previous Addition to this "Punkk": /channel/funny/He+s+pretty+badass/GvbBGTi/ mores at ASH I Lives in Mesa Arizona Milena Vanna
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13 year old "PUNKK"

mores at ASH I Lives in Mesa, Arizona
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Mobile Uploads
By Purine Hams (Albums? _ Updated last Saturday
1, February 15 as -so 1
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Punkk targets we annoyd. I
brougt your pretty bannage
February 18 am -so I
Annamine wow its arouse an guns
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Punkk we I tookme
February is as -so I
February IE assmad
Felicia some my u were some
ham: we need as hangout! tennis! D
February 19 at 11
February 19 at 11
Harm Hana [hi
February 19 at l? mum
Justin the gay ho who tooked
phone and arm: n house dude
February 19 a 2
sauna Collette awesomne bl r) see res
areally '' wane
February 19 at? my
srw, one in my house sin I
thi; I hope be
December 4, mm ate Acorn -so I
Punkk know W "
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December 4, mm ate new
arms: -y Fume menus Hun sorry. Eu:
Is A Lid
December 4, mm ate mm
Punkk Minis Mute be embarrased be admit t
December 4, mm ate Hum
arms: -y Fume ' re A Kan! ad
December 4, mi) mum
Punkk warren that
December 4, mm an arm
lemans mane Ryan
December 4, ate Burn
Marie war. text me
December 4, 20 11 at 4 Burn
Plucky rs my abs acually
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burrs! fahn have a Dear
December 7, mm as Siam
Punkk warms Whitman's w " rm mad)
December 7, 2311318 -
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E Share February at t? Via wands e
marry teets ten was airfares anyways year here' sthe poem I
you a we , I you an easy pathway, or old
age. butt an Demise an my hearts sermon, a we be chase away your tears or
sorrow. a bve was ever true, and , and a hand be hold through each
res_ arry you
Zshare Tuesdays? -' rwe M‘
This I Can Promise
Wedding song, author unknown
Song setting by Winfield Shaw Clark
men: (ms) I cannot promise you a life of sunshine;
I cannot promise riches, wealth, or gold;
Version 11
I cannot promise you an easy pathway
That leads away from change or growing old.
Version r
It ' - But I can promise all my heart' s devotions,
A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow;
Sheet mm (“K We A love that' s ever true and ever growing;
A steady hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.
This I Can Prmise. mpa
A love than ever true and ever growing;
A steady hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.
e wreckers Dark
Next: Buffalo we Defunct 1 Home
Punkk beams
Mute so an mm ths fbr the heads up man) and he said
that some ************ posted my number on some some website, and whom/ av
dd nose wanna know when mu f t was a pranks than that was a
haha use wanna know who I mum:/ 2 was use I F
Zshare ? % 9 Yourwelcome, dumbass
are rm as bored as In text r We e a we mains:
someone, my be nice fa
E snare Februrary? ' vtt 3“: vnr ,.croire 9
aware Feidir? " PT unsure cs
Ashley Manjam Mes MAS
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year we offaly warren in we with mew
Esme February " ( e
an o more we ths
w yew all
I an [minke buddeh y
February 25 at It
Winner Here'
February 25 an Siam
Panrkd Harris
Yeah " awakendew‘ m new names, who wrwg. d be bed mm
E Share as um C an 9 manna
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#5 - mirrororrim
Reply +45
(03/02/2012) [-]
every one start calling and ask if it is Mr. Krabs

#153 to #5 - leandros
Reply +4
(03/02/2012) [-]
I am currently doing the cat facts prank on him, he replied cancel too! hahah,one does not simply cancel cat facts.
#6 to #5 - batgod
Reply +11
(03/02/2012) [-]
Doing it.
#9 to #6 - khgfjydm
Reply +5
(03/02/2012) [-]
are we supposed to send hateful death threats to him through facebook
#32 - exabyte
Reply +4
(03/02/2012) [-]
Aren't you supposed to like, censor the names?
#33 to #32 - cocoram
Reply +26
(03/02/2012) [-]
**** that, let's get this bitch.
#42 to #33 - mrvanburen
Reply +5
(03/02/2012) [-]
I already searched his name.. its real.

#40 - caydelay
Reply +25
(03/02/2012) [-]
hahaha exact conversation
Me- "ring ring ring, nothing" Ah oh well :(
*5 minutes later*
*ring ring ring*
Her- "Uhm I know you got this number from Funnyjunk.com and *getting even angrier* MY HUSBAND HAPPENS TO WORK FOR THE ARIZONA FBI AND I WILL BE LISTING ALL THE NUMBERS AND SENDING THEM TO THE POLICE"
Me- "Lol dumb **********, you can't internet"
#65 to #40 - ivanalmighty [OP]
Reply +1
(03/02/2012) [-]
Thumbs for you good sir!
#51 to #40 - tscott
Reply +6
(03/02/2012) [-]
Hahahahaha. Your sir, deserve a medal.
#45 to #40 - AsTeth
Reply +7
(03/02/2012) [-]
You dun goof'd!!!!
#70 - pkmntrnrred
Reply +23
(03/02/2012) [-]
it took me a while but i found the original picture
#111 to #70 - anon
Reply 0
(03/02/2012) [-]
#29 - deadrevolver
Reply +22
(03/02/2012) [-]
#47 - anon
Reply 0
(03/02/2012) [-]
Holy **** he lives in my city! 50 likes and i go to his rape his mom shoot his dad cut them up into chili and forcefeed him the chilli
#49 to #47 - LemonNADE
Reply +15
(03/02/2012) [-]
Leave the internet, forever.

Leave the internet, forever.
#59 to #49 - bananarchy
Reply +3
(03/02/2012) [-]
This image has expired
That's such a cute gif

Have another
#64 to #59 - LemonNADE
Reply +3
(03/02/2012) [-]
Cute gif thread, aw yeah
Cute gif thread, aw yeah
#100 to #64 - Happytreefriend
Reply +2
(03/02/2012) [-]
Comment Picture

#43 - Powerfox
Reply +15
(03/02/2012) [-]
I just called the number and his mom picked up, she called me back and left a voicemail:

"Hey you, you just called my phone a moment ago and hung up. I know you were expecting to talk to a 12-year-old boy. That is my SON! And you got the information off of an illegal website. I'm keeping your phone number and I'm going to turn it in to the authorities, don't text this number anymore!"

Lol, she mad

Here's the link if you wanna listen: preview.tinyurl.com/6o4dnws
#61 to #43 - ivanalmighty [OP]
Reply +1
(03/02/2012) [-]
Someone should have told her that he posted it on Facebook for everyone to see. LOL
She's even in his friend list and doesn't know what he's doing on Facebook.
#154 to #43 - beerbellycolly
Reply +1
(03/02/2012) [-]
there is only an advert showing up for me............is there another possible link
#161 to #158 - beerbellycolly
Reply +1
(03/02/2012) [-]
yeah that worked


i loved how she said "illegal website".................she can't internet
#81 to #43 - InfernalOneShot
Reply +2
(03/02/2012) [-]
You are a cool guy. How'd you do that?
#82 to #81 - Powerfox
Reply +2
(03/02/2012) [-]
Do what exactly?
#84 to #82 - InfernalOneShot
Reply +2
(03/02/2012) [-]
Have your voicemail converted into an mp3 file (sorry for the lack of clarity)
#86 to #84 - Powerfox
Reply +1
(03/02/2012) [-]
I use Google Voice, so I get all of my voicemails emailed to me as mp3s.
#87 to #86 - InfernalOneShot
Reply +2
(03/02/2012) [-]
That's cool ****, do you need to have an android phone? or does it just work with anything?
#90 to #87 - Powerfox
Reply +1
(03/02/2012) [-]
I have an iphone, but it works with anything. voice.google.com You just have it forward your voicemail from your phone number to GV.
#92 to #90 - InfernalOneShot
Reply +2
(03/02/2012) [-]
Alright, cheers. Have a nice day
#93 to #92 - Powerfox
Reply +2
(03/02/2012) [-]
You too.
#88 to #86 - ivanalmighty [OP]
Reply +1
(03/02/2012) [-]
This would be a nice commercial, GOOGLE VOICE... FOR ALL YOUR TROLLING NEEDS.
#134 to #43 - aussiepixel
Reply +2
(03/02/2012) [-]
You are a hero, you have earned my respect.
#143 to #134 - Powerfox
Reply +2
(03/02/2012) [-]
#60 to #43 - commentking
Reply +3
(03/02/2012) [-]
Me too!
#21 - LemonNADE
Reply +15
(03/02/2012) [-]
LOL I called the kid, and his mom or some older women answered, I said "Is this the krustykrab?" and she said "Uh hey if you're calling cause of that FUNNY JUNK. Than you need to stop, this is an adults phone-." and than hung up lool
#34 to #21 - aceofknights ONLINE
Reply +4
(03/02/2012) [-]
i got this same thing xD
#26 - lollyholly
Reply +12
(03/02/2012) [-]
"Books R Gay"

#18 - thecratcher
Reply +10
(03/02/2012) [-]
#35 to #18 - anon
Reply 0
(03/02/2012) [-]
Oh my god that made me lol uncontrollably :'D