Scumbag Phil. . WHERE WERE WINE I' EIJI' WERE DYING? VIII] HRH ME IRE. PHIL ME JOB.. you i was frozen


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**** you i was frozen
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my name is phil
my name is phil
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You only had ONE job!!
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loop dee doop dee doo lemme just shut off the power, brb guys
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oookey, almost there, just gotta get rid of this dino

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I think he did his job very well, those raptors seemed really well organized.
#21 - fluffymcnutter (03/02/2012) [-]
he would've done his job just fine if this guy didn't **** everything up
#52 to #21 - corpseloaf (03/02/2012) [-]
hmm, I I feel like I have to explain this on every Jurassic Park post.

1. He was planning on coming back and fixing everything.

2. The park was bound to fail regardless

Read the Book
User avatar #54 to #52 - fluffymcnutter (03/02/2012) [-]
wait, what? You really have to explain this on every Jurassic Park post? Seriously? How many of them could there be? Better yet, how many of them could there be involving what I just said?

1. He's still responsible. If I disabled a bunch of traffic lights and there's car wrecks and deaths because of the confusion then I would be responsible. It doesn't matter if I planned to fix them

2. We're not talking about the book. I watched the movie and if the power hadn't shut off, the dinosaurs wouldn't have escaped. The park may have failed but that's not what this content was about. It was a joke on the dinosaurs escaping
#55 to #54 - corpseloaf (03/02/2012) [-]
Actually it comes up a decent amount of times on funnyjunk. Most of the time it's prior reposts of this content, or posts like "Scumbag Nedry". Actually, any Jurassic Park post has at least a few comments about Denis " ******* up" the park.

But yes, with all things portrayed in the film as they were I could see Nedry being the sole cause of the failure of Jurassic Park. I guess I just consider the book the true depiction of the story and the movie more of a... misinterpratation (With that said the movie still portrays a great story, I just feel it was dumbed down to be more understandable to movie goers, resulting in a monumental hit. Still my fav movie)

I tend to think that some elements of the book can still be recognized as elements of the story in the film's depiction, even though they never touched base on it. For example, when they first arrive on Isla Nublar in the movie, Hammond and Gennaro are discussing safety features during the ride in the Jeep. Hammond explains that the motion sensor tracking system and the concrete moats are both in place, but when they are on the tour of the park, there are no concrete moats between the road and the enclosures. Nor do the motion sensors play a role. But they do in the book. So who's to say that other certain things that happened in the book didn't happen in the universe created for the movie, like, the river ride, or henry wu getting eaten, or that the dinosaurs would have eventually roamed free in the park despite Denis Nedry. (Mind you, it could of happened after the park opened, killing far more people)

So I guess what I'm saying is that with my view on the overall story of Jurassic Park, This "Dinosaur Supervisor" in this content would have still failed at his job if it weren't for Denis Nedry's greed, ei: The extremely underestimated number of dinosaurs on the island (Due to wild breeding), and (In the novel) The fact that Velociraptors were already roaming free and undetected before the power was shut down.

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he needs this
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Look at bottom right corner, there is what appears to be the top of a cut off watermark. Nice stolen content, fag.
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God dammit Phil
God dammit Phil
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**nizarut rolls 97**
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made me lol so hard.
then i had to explain to my mom why it was funny.
then she asked me if i was high.
wtf mom?
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1. **** you
2. Don't repost
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**millem rolls 32** if not doubles, this is a repost. in the off chance this is doubles, its still a repost, and op is still a fag
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