Origin of Rage Faces. Credit to the person who made this, Rz0. He or possibly she cited their sources at the bottom. I am not Rz0, nor am I claiming this pictur rage faces origin fourchan reddit
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Origin of Rage Faces

Credit to the person who made this, Rz0.
He or possibly she cited their sources at the bottom.
I am not Rz0, nor am I claiming this picture is mine; I found it interesting, though.

Brief Watery of Rags Comies
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liken Cereal Gary is a strait were character used an * burns
as a mime reaction face.
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where meal characters meld be innr: he disagree er
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Origin Origianal Hedda thread pasted en Aittir? alh. . still researching
abut **** We Guy is a geelong character used express pride
er contingents. like when we wake up a my serenade were Ihe morning
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Origin still . - feels?’
abut "t" U ftfy Guy is a character using SHE shorthands and sashes grammar
as a any tn bring ‘ a attendee an a particular subject er issue.
Ema has Cantt Che er 55 Halted r Mm flit a Japanese
mange released ' iig'
Abner. ‘Mae Gusts‘ Guy is a character mm is used M tn WI
er disgusting were with We Gusts.’ which means 'it pleases in
Spanish when understand as 1 like it" in English].
But strait...
t] : aantal, we inst E med the has en than
born on erhan,
Basically all my feces "cie. uteri'* by Radian under "Y u new guys
case. where the original cintent came hem I dim place, but someeone
theright itwould he draw ever it and give it it cement than the
as . l inn Hurst faces being templates of Rage Guy,
Den: From are . (First recs Med dens ever. leek it up.) and later
South Park {Same Heaters.)
Thq origin ofthe usage ofthe "is" ward in my gentles dates the early
d - of re emetics. with this semis.
on Itchin‘: fer new Made my eases '' r- ref the Paperpunch
around April ".. NH media heard: on March are ease.
PEI II Hill!
First appeared in Edit} en -khan’: Ni
mm“ can Hugh’: Flood {mucus in I
tham' titled “When teacher
tells you’ circa early Nubers MID.
Today Hail Listen he
heme it
I' ll! gif the II“! -roday I Wilt Laater "Are run Futari. kidding Me" hiya“ like an
tn if may threads was posted
vie riches‘: Imus‘ beard {music} la anly
February Hid.
can T in
musk engineers trom ' s / the he the ; "PS? Hes No
Now lets take a look at some of the
actually "original" Reddit Rage Faces.
They all have 1 thing in feminen. They are crudely
vectorized versions of popular screensnapr a median faces,
While 1. ' s true origins are still unknown, he
is likely to be the anly original has created by
Reddit which is strange, seeing haw Reddit seems
lo be fend of tracing and crudely altering the same
face ever and ever instead of making It new ens.
LDL guy has been said to have
originated an rich“. but the first
thread was posed on m he " ,
The drawing my have been by this
Ecru mes
whle sites such as Knew ‘fem Heme are frowned ween by when
when and even , it erraugh info El! prove
that meet Reddet users are in denier underagefag. and ignorant e!
the seems mat. they use en is daily Innis. It' s net rare fer It
person to uneducated an the , assure all knew. This
Is spartan ‘Eternal September"
htr/ / / Created by 5 151"." Opfag
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