Most epic Omegle Chat ever. I just met this awesome guy on Omegle and i want to find him XD If this has some minor success I'll upload more of this stuff!. Ital i love tags
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Most epic Omegle Chat ever

Most epic Omegle Chat ever. I just met this awesome guy on Omegle and i want to find him XD If this has some minor success I'll upload more of this stuff!. Ital

I just met this awesome guy on Omegle and i want to find him XD
If this has some minor success I'll upload more of this stuff!

Ital, omegle "
Appro new will I Italian" an waist
Stranger: Hells
Yau: Hi It
Stranger: Haw are you friend?!
fee: I am gaod, haw are yee geed sir‘?
Stranger: I am swell! Lite is dandy as usual!
Serengeti i am glad the is pleasant!
tee: Ar, I be a pirate
Stranger: sh es!
Stranger: please air
Stranger: w motteke my treasured amulet...
Stranger: alwas the teething my faster gave ls me
haters he died .
Yau: ! Give me all ye busty.‘
tit give we this i will hunt you down. ts dew
jonas' ll: lellel'
Strangest will put a was en
Yau: I dont beleive in bardem curses!
Stranger‘. ‘pulls am : k plated
Stranger: "paints at pirate
Yau: ‘Fells fish eel of packet
Stranger‘. You back all ya dog
Stranger: this be s mutiny
fee: 'Thaws at passe
Stranger‘. ‘gun hes and gees threw the at the
Stratagem ‘water begins rushing up
Stranger‘. '
tee: Haw ironie. we must werk make it is
were alive
Tau: ind ta plug the hate!
Stranger: it appeals there is an island stilts
sease... this is unusual indeed
Stranger‘. ‘railing perception shack
Stranger: '14
grabs a cell: and puts it in the bets
l: That went hold tar leng
Yau: We sheild row was the island fer exits speed!
St: rwrlgej: very well sir....
r: langer'. ‘puts eerie water and threats alerts the pirate
Stranger: well
Stranger: shall we
Tau: “Starts reeling
Stranger: "maing with you
fee: ‘Berk wee eel
r: langer'. hmh
Yau: Argh, we be in deep shit
Stranger: i am net sure dd we think we can male it?!
r: langer'. i will raw, yea take this bustle! and start
getting the water set
Stranger: i think we can make it is that issue in the
r: langer'. ‘takes ear
Tau: Argh as we wish),
Stranger: ‘begins rollng
Tau: ‘Starts bucketing water out d the ship
Stranger: small ,
Stranger: ‘leeks elem cleets in the sky while rowing
Stranger: it leeks its there is a steam coming
fee: Darn
Stranger‘. keep that water
Stranger: set
Stranger: we are almost there
You: ‘sandiness beckoning
Yau: We' arrived!
Tau: We made it!
Yau: 'Hugs passe
Stratagem: Thank we
Stringer‘. "hugs
Yau: We sheild dind shelter
Stranger: yes
Stranger. ‘nulls sheek
Stranger: we
Stranger: i canned see anything
tee: Lets by leaking in this mysterious aeriest
Stranger: alright
we sheild stick class tegether
Shangri: and he ' eeks ye pilate
fee: we have me weld
St: -angel: ‘preceeds into the tweet
Stranger: De you have a mm?
You: A cuties yer
we sheild take the lead than
Stranger: all i have is this meaty dagger
Stuartess: we can atleast set threeoh
fee: We arrive at a clearing there is a stricture ahead
Stranger: what... is that
Stranger: l'
fee: Leeks like same we utterer_ maybe, a castle
Stranger: hmm well shakers shatter i am sure we salt
lake lodging in there
Stranger: ‘preceed ts the deer
tee: 'its leaked
Stranger: hmm
Strangel: it appeals as be lacked...
rangas: wait
Strangely: pirate do we have lockpicking tests?
Yau: Ans indeed I w
Stranger: wall lets get in here Insists the min starts
Stranger: ‘' ls raining
seems I talked ts seen
tee: 'attempts to
You: ‘success
fee: get inside quick!
Stranger: ‘run "raids
Stranger: "dark rnsm
St: -angel: hmm
Strangest have seats tinder
Stranger: lets try and Rnd a timh
Stranger‘. at sunbathing tier light
Yau: Lead the way
Stranger: ‘leeks fer same : h
Stranger‘. ': oin shack
Stranger: Got
r: langer'. ‘attempts ta light
Stranger: ‘seesaw
Stranger: ‘ream lights up with skeletal remains all seal
Yau: Argh they have en them slight
You: "Tokns small [mines of geld and a necklace
langer'. i sea rte meant: as ta why they wrekt need
fee: its reams why we sheet amend here
l: langer'. has i say we just rest tar the night, we can
eel em swaps lemom:
Yau: I cant all these bodies amend me!
Stranger‘. ah this is horn the plate whe sheen?
betrays in all these eurius?
Se' arugal: dent be m silly
Tau: Ila a I' earge all have anal
Stranger: steady the residents stiles walls have left
Stranger: besides
l: langer'. is a seeds rial the biggest teat at all?
Yau: paint!
fee: Maybe we sheild leek amend
Stranger: very well
Stranger: fer a bad at least
fee: lead the way
r: langer'. ‘pulls am the Tarah and begins walling up
the grand staircase lighting ether slang the way
Stranger: ‘as we walk up the stairs we see empty
reams ane with a media inside and aware with beds
Stranger: "and ens lossed deer
fee: ‘Lets investigate that lossed deer
Stranger‘. hm we investigate the door we see the leak
is damaged and the deer itself sen be tweed open
rather than using yeer tests
upen : or, yea sea halls ward
en there
Stranger: Mal
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: i wander what this Mel swans?
fee: I dent knew maybe he was rich
Tau: Lats cheek it out
l: engel'. here
Strangle: lush me kick dawn this deal
fee: 1
Tau: cm three?
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: late. do it
You: 2
Tee: ‘kinks
Stranger: ‘ the deer is epin
Stranger: ‘a ways stair crimes at we beth and with it
the small at ratting
Stranger: sh god 'cough cough'
St: rwrlgej: that smells terrible
You: armies: investigate
Strangle: ‘i pick up the dersh and beget walking up the
Stranger: ‘as we walk up the stairs in frer' Etst' es the
marshes begin ts
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: that is strange
Tou: I really ts gs dawn has but serially is
pushing me
Stranger: agreed
Strangle: "as we begin em walk up the war. we see a
balcony as well as a pedestal and a dead senses on
the bed.... freshly dead
Stranger: this
Stranger: is
Stranger: strange
You: Maybe we sheild shack his body
Strangel: geed idea
will leek ts see what is en the waists!
maybe titers is something in that beek sheet
where we are‘?!
Stranger: "as we begin is investigate the body yee
leek up at the face , mess
Strangel: ‘ills the lace st the we have
been shamed with
Stranger: hahahahaha
Stranger: yes
Se' angel: finaly
langer'. i am heme
Stranger: all thanks ts yee
Stranger: we measly scurvy Relted pirate
Tau: My glad?
tee: ‘draws metiers
Stranger: "as we turn as the man you we see he has
rm has
Stranger: ‘and that dagger he had. is new drawn
Stranger: ‘we can hear the screaming seths
dead Deming tram the dagger
Strangle we sheild have listened ts wur guy pirate
Stranger: well
Stranger mere ea year get
Stranger: i teld we i maid put a sums an we
fee: ‘readies metiers
Hunger hahaha MA MA HA
Stranger: ‘running was we dagger drawn the man
tries ts stab we
Stranger‘. ‘tells yam alien HUN
Stranger: '..
Yau: ‘Badges
Stranger‘. ‘
You: 'tries is run
Stranger: "as we run dsen the stairs we we the deer
shut, and Mala by this clawing blue mist... Your
shades are bask up the stairs... er getthe balcony
fee: I attempt ts try the balcony
r: langer'. we Mn la the balcony
Stranger: "you see the usesless man wrying ts attack
we again
r: langer'. ‘as yea olmert reach the balcony he falls
Shayne en his fees
Stranger: ‘he is ital tested
l: engel'. ‘tells your
Stranger: '..
fee: ‘attempts to stab while he is dawn
Stranger‘. ‘
Stranger: ‘we stab him in the
St: rwrlgej: lag we pull getthe blade instead of bleed
we see a blue mist
Stranger: "and seths dead Corning tram this
Stranger‘. ‘ You bastard
Yau: You betrayed
Stranger: this was supossed try be es easy. -..scur see!
was jam the aware
Stranger: EDEE
St: rwrlgej: new dare we-.-
Stranger‘. ‘eaugh aaugh'
Stranger: mis breathing gets heavier‘
fee: ‘Stabs again
r: langer'. ‘he is dead
Stranger: "daggering hand
fee: ‘picks up dagger ts inspect
Stranger: Mi Is kill weapon
Generate. :. have wen the game 2]
Sh' anger: thank we as playing and participating in
omegle RPG
Stranger: 10, 000 gold be we!
fee: lei
You: Thatwas the longest roleplay ever
Stranger: i new we it
fee: lei
Just praetor' I' tel when i run a DMD game
Yau: I could tell :p
Stranger: this is the basic premise of the game
w mesh fen
Stranger: i must say
Strangel: that was es enjoyable as me It
Stranger. Well else
wild able uses ‘
reel : -slid when .
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