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#1 - hvacian
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(02/27/2012) [-]
repost please delete
#2 to #1 - fastballfire [OP]
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(02/27/2012) [-]
look at the tag bro
#3 to #2 - hvacian
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(02/28/2012) [-]

Funnyjunk is like a museum for funny content. I don't go to a museum to see the same painting in 12 locations. Regardless which entrance a person uses, they should not find the Mona Lisa after every entrance. Funnyjunk is a collection of content. Content is meant to be submitted once and thumbed up if deemed funny, and down if considered junk: junk meaning not funny, not appropriate, or a repost. It doesn't matter if 10 users haven't seen a particular post, if one user has than the post is already in the site's databanks and does not need to be there again. If a newer user hasn't seen a lot of old content, they should scour the site to find content that was considered funny.