I wanna meet this guy. found this on failblog.. Alger HQ 33' You know what would be awesome? A movie where the Terminator accidentally gets sent back too far in

I wanna meet this guy

HQ 33'
You know what would be awesome? A movie where the
Terminator accidentally gets sent back too far in time and ends up
in the era of dinosaurs. Picture Arnold battling packs of raptors. f
call it Jurassic Park : Judgement Day. tagline: it wasn' t an asteroid
that wiped them out....
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started building a new pf. definitely making sure Iput in extra
speed holes this time around.
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Maybe instead of a time limit on interviews, we should just be
telling interviewees they have a SOO word limit for the entire
interview, and to plan their responses accordingly. Then just have
someone stand behind them with a clicker. EFFICIENT‘ r'.
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iia: | LEE
Ithink our superfy/ people in this country have gotten away
with things for too long. Shouldn' t they be burying their treasures
and making maps to them full of riddles and
hidden clues?
Imean, they could at least make it interesting for the rest of us.
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just came back from a session on relieving stress. everyone was
given portaits to write down things that stress them out and then
stick them up on the wall. i walked around and looked at other
people' s notes: "unclear expectations", "lack of communication",
missing deadlines" etc. then i looked down at mine: "snakes."
rollercoasting." "people who stand really close when talking to
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Is anyone else a little worried that we are not taking the
issue of giant monsters ravaging our cities seriously
air an Twitter . we Twitte!'
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currently riding the emotional rollercoaster created by downing a
pepsi max and chasing it with a (' sack of
sweet tarts in the course of an hour. everything is slowing down. i
think i might be in the matrix.
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seriously, why is it so hard to find a nice watercolor of
clowns storming the beaches of normandy?
I Don Twitter . via . itte:'
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i have to admit i was pretty disappointed as a kid to learn
that guerrilla warfare was not in fact gorilla warfare.
arter ' -as Tpir.. tey
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Sometimes when I' m in a serious business meeting and people
are debating the pros and cons of an important new policy or
procedure, I push my chair back, take a deep breath and then
look around the room and consider what each person at the table
would look like in muppet form.
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I' m now convinced my dad' s blood is made up of at least 10%
pickle juice.
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i can' t wait for the day when facebook has a news ticker at the
bottom of the page that incorporates what is currently in your
friends' stomach.
just remember i called it.
Update Stomach"
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Ifl ever turn rich overnight, I' m paying to have Morgan Freeman
constantly narrate everything i do, 24/ 7.
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sometimes i wonder what the world would be like f it was
possible and even fashionable for women to grow full and lush
handlebar mustaches.
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HQ 53
i kind of hope one day in the future that all of our documented
history gets corrupted or distorted to the point that the events in
the lord of the rings are somehow misinterpreted to have actually
happened long ago.
fail '
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