4chan. an exceptionally fitting description. Cl Anonymous (ID: ) 12/ 26/ 12( Sun) 15: 53: 24 No. 383611413 [Reply] Yo back the up, this s about to get done. her The Game


an exceptionally fitting description

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Cl Anonymous (ID: ) 12/ 26/ 12( Sun) 15: 53: 24 No. 383611413 [Reply]
Yo back the **** up, this ***** s about to get done.
****** here, the original number ene.
I' m a grass type ***** and I smoke till I pop
and if ya startin' **** , I we whip till ya drop
Even then I dent stop, my flow gees round the clock.
Bitch, I' ll leech seed ya girl then she' ll be suckin my cock.
Come at me bro, I got sleep pewter's spare,
When I' m done with yeu, youll be beyond repair
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Anonymous (ID: C) ) 12/ 26/ 12( Sun) 17: 51 :03 No. 383632737
File: . jpg-( 3 KB, 112x127)
Yo ********** , I be droppin hard verse.
Lots ertime in the water gives me
moments to rehearse.
Raising up the mists my teeth,
charging up a water laser.
Clappin' me in irons cause I' m
displayed' bad behavior.
Cant held me back, I emme hem Croconaw.
Even if yeu had a Rakes yeu couldnt take me anyhow.
**** year interior, greendale and alligater.
Ilse straight hem the heed, and my name' s Feraligatr.
Cl Anonymous (ID: ) sateen 2( Sun) 1 we No. 383632770
File: . prac-( 47 ks, 240x141)
Bam, outta newhere, stunna in
this bitch like i dent care
Hiya like electricity, i can light up
goldenrod city,
i emme to see rappers but SC) far, everything ****** .
I' m hem the tth generation, the freshest style and flow
grandpa I first gen neds to pull the curtain en his shew
bitches ride me like a magic carpet, then i ride them and ya' II
bitches can do **** , I' m to legit, to hacked freaked,
I' ll use earthquake and leave devastation in my wake
dems all. over mic' I' m out.
I Anonymous (ID: C) ) 12/ 26/ 12( Sun) 17: 5303 No. 383633064
File: . jpg-( 3 KB, 119x126)
JEW It.. s the gayest pikemen around, let me
E' tell yeu the deal,
breakfast, lunch, and dinner semen' s my
only meal,
i shove dildos up my poltergust to esp a
thatswhat hew yeu do it when year
************* REGISTEEL
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