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She's got the butch-bitch-effectt. Caused by realizing the traumatizing fact that she is, in fact, the butch-bitch.
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Let me get this straight...if I verbally defend myself, that makes me a bitch, but if I shut up and don't say anything like a nice little quiet girl, there's nothing wrong with that. Right. Totally legit. If a guy wants a brainless ******* that doesn't stand up for herself, then I think I'm better off with the 30 cats. :P
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I'm way too high for this.
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<- your face when
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Lol I hope you get humiliated by a load of Anons and then die in a fire :)
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Anon, I hardly care. Please go run along and stop whining about a random stranger's opinion. :|
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You realize most guys never even bring it up. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if a guy said it about you. In fact, most guys don't bring up any of the stuff that hurts them, because we don't want to burden others with our problems, we want to be the ones to help others through their problems. We complain online with other guys, to vent and to let off our steam without feeling the need to feel like we're putting a burden on somebody else. We're just talking so we can let it out, so somebody else can say "I know how you feel man."

In short, we're not whining, we're venting. Just like you girls do, but instead of venting to people we care about and don't want to have worry about us, we vent to people who don't have to worry.
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have fun with your 30 cats later on in life
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