Funnyjunk Army. Thought we needed this..<br /> PART 2:<br /> /funny_pictures/340951/Funnyjunk+army+PRT+2/. Dear Funnyjunk. Due To The increase in an fj army rofl pwn
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Funnyjunk Army

Dear Funnyjunk. Due To The increase in anon Threat, I call for The
formation of The , or funnyjunk forces. This is what i
propose The army should be:
This is The lolwtf? Division
This is The HAXOR Division
This is The Fuck Yeah Air
Members Division
This is The Roflcopter Division
This is The gnd
Roflpwned Division '
This is The Destroyer BIN
And, This is The Aircraft Carrier HM
Confabs me To be The Commander of a Division..
Thanks - Wardevil
Views: 2960 Submitted: 04/08/2010