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User avatar #582 - andrewjla
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(02/27/2012) [-]
I love all the people on here complaining about McD's. it's a fast food place. it's not gonna be good food cuz you're only paying a dollar for it!. If you want quality, pay $5-$10 at a real restaurant...And if you think the people working there are retards, well, they probably are, but what do you expect? 5-star quality service?
#586 to #582 - anon id: ca694e82
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(02/27/2012) [-]
I expect them to do their job, which is to take my order correctly and give me what I ordered. Just because I'm paying less than I would at a "real restaurant" doesn't mean it's acceptable for them to **** up.

"I got something that isn't what I ordered, but that's okay, it was only a dollar!!! What a bargain, I should just be grateful and eat what I didn't order, because it's cheap."

No, I don't think so.
User avatar #590 to #586 - andrewjla
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(02/27/2012) [-]
mistakes happen dude, nobody is perfect. calm yo tits
#596 to #590 - anon id: ca694e82
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(02/27/2012) [-]
I know, and I never complain unless it's a completely different order, like this time when the guy at the cashier gave me someone else's order and had me pay for that instead. I think it's not totally unfair of me to inform him of his mistake, and pay the correct amount of money, right? If they just neglected to take out something that I didn't want, that's fine, I'll pick it out myself without making a huge fuss.

The thing is, the guy that posted this is saying it's unreasonable for the customers to complain when they don't get what they want. And whether it's the kitchen guy's fault or the cashier guy's fault, someone is wrong, and there's this saying, "The customer is always right", so it's not the customer. And again, if they have a reason to complain, someone did something wrong. And yes, it's unfair if it's the kitchen guy's fault and the cashier gets yelled at, but someone needs to be informed, and the customer is not going into the kitchen to tell the kitchen guy.

Tl;dr: The customer always has a right to complain if something is wrong with their order, no matter what establishment is serving the food. Unless it's a soup kitchen or something, but guess what, McDonald's isn't a charity.
#599 to #596 - andrewjla
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(02/27/2012) [-]
tl;dr have some sexy