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Learn to like the way mcdonalds burgers are normally cooked. They're always pre-made and it saves you so much time. Asking one for nothing on it takes like 10 times ******* longer.. and I don't even work at a fast food restaurant but I have a friend who always ******* asks for a a double cheese burger with no onions or sauce or anything just the burger, the cheese and the bun. Then I'll get my burger and finish it before he gets his because he's mister ******* picky pants. I mean Jesus ******* Christ. It's just a burger. If you complain about the quality of food your getting in McDonalds you need to go somewhere else to eat. I'm sorry you weren't happy with you $1 burger, please, allow me to offer you this $1 shoelace instead. Make sure you don't eat it too fast. I mean holy ******* **** Be happy you're even able to get food at that price. Do you know who works at McDonalds? Teenagers and nowadays people who should have much better jobs because **** the economy. The last thing they want is you, some spoiled **** complaining about the food they just made. Again, they work in fast-food restaurants. Again, their job is not to make GOOD food, it is to make FAST food. Unless you are allergic to something then don't ******* complain. You have worse things to be worrying about than whether or not you consume a vegetable. I sued to insult Americans by saying "The last vegetable you ate was probably on a McDonalds burger". Thanks for verifying that you fat lazy ***** won't even eat one there.
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Now who the hell do you think will read that long ass caps peom
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a big mac cost like ten dollars
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Just because McDonald's customers are paying a dollar for their burgers doesn't mean they have less of a right to expect a correct order. If the orders are meant to be so inflexible that taking out a few vegetables is going to take over 10 minutes, I'm sure there would be a policy stating that orders cannot be altered, and customers shouldn't bother to ask for something other than what's shown exactly in the picture.

McDonald's isn't a ******* soup kitchen, we don't have to "be grateful" for what they serve because it's cheap or get used to what they serve the way it is. They still need to get the order right because at the end of the day, people are paying the full price for what they're serving, and I don't think it's asking too much to change the order up a little.
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Not one person over the age of 20 thumbed this down.
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