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#263 - SneakersGirl (02/26/2012) [-]
Are you my mummy?
#266 to #263 - psychedelicc (02/26/2012) [-]

But srsly, that episode was awesome.
#304 to #266 - slamerz (02/26/2012) [-]
I think that pryo is just lonely :(
<<The proof
#269 to #266 - SneakersGirl (02/26/2012) [-]
Stephen Moffat is a genius
Stephen Moffat is a genius
User avatar #274 to #269 - psychedelicc (02/26/2012) [-]
I sincerely love all of his episodes, can't wait for season 7.

User avatar #446 to #274 - SneakersGirl (02/26/2012) [-]
oh, rereading your comment i suppose you meant moffat. His episodes are brilliant too, but I stand by what I said! lol
User avatar #451 to #446 - psychedelicc (02/27/2012) [-]
xD I was also meaning Tennant in a way, my friend tries to convince me matt smith is best doctor, but he hasnt seen all the episodes in sequence as I have. He has the most ties with a viewer I think, much more personable, making his depart that much more- feely. But what Smith lacks, i suppose Amy Pond makes up for, I really like her as a companion.

Long message is long, and OP is probably like, dafuq?
User avatar #453 to #451 - SneakersGirl (02/27/2012) [-]
No I'm thoroughly enjoyng this cause I totally agree! I also feel like Matt's Doctor is less kind than Tennant's or Eccleston. He's just not as likeable. And with Tennant, it's not just the Doctor on screen, it's him a lot of the time too. He literally became the Doctor. Ok, sorry, a little obsessed.
#445 to #274 - SneakersGirl (02/26/2012) [-]
Me too, Tennant will forever be my favorite doctor &lt;3
Me too, Tennant will forever be my favorite doctor <3
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