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Behind You !

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So three guys arrive at the Pearly Gates and St. Peter tells them that Heaven is doing renovations and only has room for one more tennant, and the other two will have to go to purgatory
for loo years while they' re done.
He' ll determine who gets into Heaven by who has the most interesting story about how he died.
The first guy says, "Okay, St. Peter, it all started when I got home from work one day to my apartment on the 15th Mor of our building. I came home and found my wife obviously naked
and aroused. I was obviously pleasantly surprised, and I began to take my clothes I heard some noises from outside the window. When I started to investigate, my wife got very
suspiciously nervous, and so Must lost it. I called her a bitch and a whore, and I started to push the refrigerator out the window. Just as it went out the window I realized that the cord was
wrapped around my leg and the rest is history."
The second guy says, "Okay, that was pretty good, but I think I could do better. I was having sex when all of a sudden I hear someone enter the apartment. The gin freaks out and tells
me that her husband is home and he' s going to kill us. She throws my clothes out the window and tells me to hang offere ledge until she can create a diversion and I can get the **** out
outhere. I didn' t see much ofa choice, and so I climbed out the window. Everything was going okay until I heard some yelling, and the I knew, I looked up and saw abridge, and
the rest is history-"
The third guy says, "Okay that was pretty good, but I think mine is better. So I' m naked in a fridge-"
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