Full of win!. . mattswan To all of my facebook friends. You may have noticed on Monday my relationship status on my facebook page has returned to single. I woul Full of win! mattswan To all my facebook friends You may have noticed on Monday relationship status page has returned to single I woul
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Full of win!

To all of my facebook friends. You may have noticed on Monday my
relationship status on my facebook page has returned to single. I would just
like to take this moment to let you all know exactly how this Came about. On
Sunday Tarnished my shift at the Bakery 3 hours early and headed home intent
on spending the afternoon with my beloved Fiance having a few glasses of
wine and watching some junk on the TV. off at the supermarket
grabbed a cheap bottle of wine and a . 99 bunch of flowers for Cassie, (ya
know being the old romantic that Iam) and headed back home. As i
approached my drive I noticed that my "best mate" Marcus pembroke' s
motorcycle was parked at the side of my house. Not paying much attention to
t ithought maybe he had forgot I was in work that day and had popped
round to see his old mate darte.
Unfortunately as I opened my front dooro was greeted by the sight of My
Cassie performing an orelse: -r act on old mate
Marcus, shocked at my sudden arrival they looked at me in complete and utter
horror. Instead of going mental and throwing them out of my house with my
key still in the front door stepped back out of the house reblocked the
door, jumped back into my Car, drove away in a calm orderly fashion and
parked up just a few streets away. Shaking with anger and disgust my heart
pounding through my chest I rang Cassi's mobile phone and was met by her
heartfelt appology and inconsolable regrets I knew this was the end of our
relationship but I needed to know how long this had been going on for, so I
told her itshe told me the truth I could forgive her [I was lying offcourse) she
proceeded to tell me that her and my old mate kmarcus had been getting t on
for the last 18 months while I have been at work. Bare in mind our son is now
7 months old so as you can understand this definately adds some doubt to the
paternity or my child.
As I write this Cassie is round at her sisters, as I have kicked her ass to the
curb for being a cheating lying piece of crap that Iwish I had never had the
displeasure of ever meeting. I have taken back every single item I have paid
for in the last 5 years hair straightness, clothes, perfumes and her beloved pink
ford you can all see in this picture that I paid , 800 for a around 2 years
ago. Instead reselling her Car, I have decided I will leave itto myfaceporn
friends to decide whether Ishould give t back to her or drive t to my local
scrap yard and film t being destroyed and crushed into a cube with her
belongings in it. No doubt her and my great friend have probabably used this
car at some point to meet up and be the little cheating rats that they are.
Thanks for reading, now I am going to get drunk.
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