My Crazy Girl Experience. We have all dealt with crazy girls but this one tops them all! This is after 1 date! Also, a week after this, she found me in real lif My Crazy Girl Experience We have all dealt with crazy girls but this one tops them all! This is after 1 date! Also a week she found me in real lif
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My Crazy Girl Experience

My Crazy Girl Experience. We have all dealt with crazy girls but this one tops them all! This is after 1 date! Also, a week after this, she found me in real lif

We have all dealt with crazy girls but this one tops them all! This is after 1 date!
Also, a week after this, she found me in real life... this was the result:

Messages " an
use 3, 2031 NJ!) AM
Hey Kevin. Would u like to
get together tonight?
on work tomorrow!
Besides, I want to see m
lace again i)
use 3, 2011 DLOT PM
Just wok: lam
dead. Actually I
have warts paying cards
with the guys tonight.
will . Hava. culr
at work)
use 3, PM
use 3. 20112 an PM
Dun! worry about texting I
me later. Talk to u some
other time
use 3, 21111 5 so PM
Thought u said all u had l
going on today was
paperwork when I asked u
I yesterday
in we that may Mr 7
friends asked we to may
cards this morning.
so between aam when I
left and when I
asked to hang out u made
Blane? that is since u wok
l Messages -- 5 I
rarer: loading means l
rained was at ma _
Funny how a guy always ‘
gets laid and wants
nothing more to do wine.
but my mistake. Take care
Kev. sorry to have
bothered u.
Dec 3, 2011 c be PM
Please delete my number. l
use 3, 23 PM
I dont have any Menus
Kevin, mats why I ask to
hang out. and I assumed
since u like me, u wouldnt
mind getting together
more than one aweek I
Anyway having a
horrible day as t is and I
dont like things to end
badly. so just want to say,
I really do wish the best oi
luck. Ur a good man
glad to have met u. _
Nevermind, my day just
got worsen took me on
facebook. And Maing in
a stupid commuter lot
use 3, PM
use 320116. 51 PM
so I guess m not going to I
speak to me ?
Will u come to the
commuter Mott 270?..
Maing up here now I
would like to talk to u and
apologize. Today hasnt
been my day, and I dont
want to
use 3. 2011 T no PM
I ruin anything between us.
l Please talk to me Kevin.
Dec 3, 2016 T 23 PM
I messed up and sorry l
evin. Grammaring man, _
and I dont Wanna lose u.
I so is this goodbye?
Look, on my way over
to m place to apologize.
And f u dont like what I
have to say, I wont bother
u again.
use 3. 2011314 PM
well. ilost dropped by m _
house, but all u guys are
gone. itried my best
efforts and even went to
m home to apologize in
person. Anyway
trt Ian. . Vania
I tainly sorry Kevin.
Dec 3. 201113 as PM
going back to m place
to wait tor u. I aleady
embarrassed mysefl
tonight. and I have nothing
else to lose. But ts worth
a try. I
use 3, 2011 one PM
Ur friend was home,
knocked on the door to
see f by any chance u
would be home even
though m car ism. But he
didnt answer. I
I Look going to wait tor u l
Messages " all
In is par mg r rig y
Ur house. I know u
probably think crazy.
but not. Just having the
worst day today and
I just want to tix this,
because I messed up, and
a crappy feeling.
use 3. 2011 915 PM
Ant in have to, I will wait l
all night.. because I really
like u and I haven! ten this
excited about anyone, like
use 3, 2011 9 as PM
l Please say something I
Kevin, anything.
Dec 3, 2011 PM
U always hope tor that
good scene, as u see in
the movies. Guy/ girl waits
at the persons iron! porch
that she cares about, all
night. Ant he finally
comes home seeing her
st there. they have a
conversation, and
everything is better than t
was below. But in my
case I embarrass and
make mysefl
to k bad resending - l
Godly amount oi texts
followed by many calls.
Ant now sitting in a
parking lot by m house
hoping by some chance u
feel the same as I do, and
can me. and come 10 it
down trom your house to
tell me eveything is ck. u
forgive me, and give me a
use 4, mil 1 12 AM
I Goodbye Kevin.
Dec 4, 2011 (i 05 AM
Hey Mike, I made t home l
salty Thank u tor being
Messages o, E
there tor me tonight.
use 4, 2016 2 as PM
u really hurt my feelings l
I believed everything that l
u have told me. And tor
once in my tile, I actually
thought I met a good
person. But u have
showed me otherwise.
And whats
sad, is u cant even be
man enough to talk to me.
I now see u tor who u truly
are, and understands why
m ten u.
use 4, 2011 3 as PM
Even though it diidnt work
out tor us, I would like to
still be friends.
use 4. 20164 so PM
t Come to m door please. I
use 5, AM
Hey lady. No, I decided l
that going to delete his
number and move on. I
know I messed up, but
not perfect. I have a date
tomorrow, so I will
give natty and see how
goes. Thanks tor checking
up on me.
11 on
use 5. 20112 as PM
Hey Kevin. I just want u to l
know, I think m a great
man and glad I have
got the chance to meet u.
is been a long time since
I have been this
excited about anyone. I
But I know m not going to
come around and speak
to me alter saturday. so I
will part my way. Thanks
tor making me smile
no one has made me
smile like u have. )Take
care oi youself old Bye
our as 11: 43 PM a up
Messages J.)
use 5, mil 3 as PM
Do u honestly not want to
we me anymore?
Ihaveavag heartened l
care about people, mats
why t get persistent at
timesquad has been worst
I enemy as u can see. I
loam about u Kevin, so f
U dont want to we me
anymore, please tell me.
And I give u my word, I
wont can/ text u anymore.
use 5, 2011 4 be PM
Cogt, teal _
seem u anymore
Messages rar, E
use be PM
seeing u anymore _
Will u pick up the phone
I real quick? I
use 5, 2011 our PM
emely sorry tor
everything. It I were in m
shoes, I wouldnt speak to
me either, sol understand
how u feel. I sent u a
Mend request and I hope I
u will except and start I
Goodnight Kevin.
use 6, 1244 AM
I give up. I just dont care l
use 6, 2010 12: 55 AM
I had my heart broken
badly in the past Kev, and
I was afraid that I would
be hurt again. I never
ment to some u away. = I
Bull promise u this, u _
wont have to worry about
hearing or seeing me
again. u have my word on
I that.
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