Religion explained by 4chan. It's worth the read. D Anonymous / 50 37 No ms was a knock at my door When w answered the door w rounds well groomed, miely dressed fourchan Religion Debate
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Religion explained by 4chan

Religion explained by 4chan. It's worth the read. D Anonymous / 50 37 No ms was a knock at my door When w answered the door w rounds well groomed, miely dressed

It's worth the read

D Anonymous / 50 37 No
ms was a knock at my door When w answered the door w rounds well groomed, miely dressed couple The man spoke my
dorm "Hr! w' , and tho rs Mary"
Mary "Mrwwe" re here to W/ wte you to come kiss Hanks ass us FF
Me "Pardon mew What are you talkig ? Who' s Hank, and why would w want to kiss Hrs asstr"
dorm "Wynn kiss Hanks ass, He' ll gave you a mars, and Wynn don' t, He' ll sht out ofyou FF
Me ‘man ls tho some son mob ?'
dorm "Hank rs a billionaire Hank bu/ jthm town Hank owns ms town He can do whatever he wants, and what He wants rs to gum you a moon dollars, but He cant undre you kiss ms ass
Me "That doesn' t make any sense Why TC
Mary ‘Who are you to queston Hanks gm um you want a ? lant rd worth a Mme Ins: on the ass?"
Me 'Well maybe, ms weard, but TC
dorm ‘Then come kos Hanks ass wth us
Me "Do you kos Hanks ass often?‘
Mary "on yes, trll the urns TC
Me "And has He gaven you a dollars?'
D Anonymous ) 11 51 34 No
dorm 'Well no You don' t actually game money undre you weave town (F
Me "so why dont you Just weave down now?"
Mary 'You cant weave undre Handballs you to, or you dont game money, and He books the m out Wynn TC
Me 'Do you know anyone mo assed Hanks ass, let town, and wt the dollars?'
dorm 'My mother kissed Hanks ass Tor years She wen down last year, and I' m sure she got the money"
Me "Haven' t you talked to her sues then?'
dorm 'ofcourse not, Hank doesnt allow l TC
Me "so what makes you Dunk He' ll actually gm you the money reyou" never talked to anyone who got the money?"
Mary "wen, he goes you a Mme [mime you leave Maybe youll , maybe youll mm a small lotto, maybe your justhad hm on the street,"
Me ‘What' s that got do do Hank?’
dorm 'Hank has certan 'connections "
Me Tm sorry, but ms sounds We some son con game (C
dorm "Bud t' s a m/ lon dollars, can you really take the chance? And remember, reyou dont Fuss Hanks ass He' ll kaathe sht ofyou FF
Me 'Maybe fl could see Hank who Hm, game cedar's mm FF
Mary 'No one sees Hank no one talks to Hank (C
Me "Then crowds you his Hrs ass?"
dorm " we Just blow Hulda kss, and drunk ass we kos Karl' s ass, and he passes l on TC
D Anonymous ) 11: 53 " No
Mary 'A mend or ours He' s the one who taught us all about Hanks ass All we had to do was take mm um do droner afew Mme: FF
Me "And you Just took ms word for l when he sad there was a Hank, that Hank wanted you to lass Hrs ass, and that Hank would reward you?"
dorm "on now an has a letter he god mm Hank years ago explaing the whole draong Here' s amply, see "
Fromthe desk
1 kss Hanks ass and He' ll We you a dollars when you leave down
2 Drunk only m
3 Kaathe sheeut who you
A Eat nght
5 Hank hm
5 The moon rs made bkgreen cheese
T Everyting Hank says IS nght
3 Wash your hands adder to the bathroom
9 Dont use alcohol
10 Eat on buns, no
ll KISS Hanks ass orde' ll kaathe
Me "TM: appears to be wetten on Kai' s letterhead"
Mary "Hank ddnt have any paper
Me "I have a hunch that rfwe checked we' dand ms rs Karl' s hardening (F
dorm 'becourse, Hank maimed rd _
Me "I thought you sad no one gets to see Hank?"
Mary "Nodnod, but years ago He would (swine some people
Me "I thought you sad He was a What son racks the sht out Just because the/ re "
Mary what Hank wants, and Hanks always rm
Me "How do you heure that?'
Mary "Item T says Everting Hank says rs nght ' That' s good enough for me?"
Me "Maybe gourmand made the whole draong up"
dorm 'No way! says Hank waded ms My ' Beads: tem? says ‘Use m moderation,' Itema says ,' and lent 8 says Wash your hands undergoing to the bathroom' Everyone knows those thigs are nght, so the rest must be true doc"
D Anonymous ( Wed) 11 as " No
Me "Bud 9 says Dont use alcohol 'whch doesnt we go wth adem 2, and 6 says The moon rs made cheese,' whch spost pearn wrong"
dorm ‘There' s no contradicted between Sand 2, ajust names 2 As far as , youve never been to the moon, so you cant say Tor sure (F
Me " have thatthe moon rs made chock (F
Mary "Bud they dont know me rook came from the Earth, or from out or space, " l could Just as eassay be green cheese FF
Me Tatt nod really an expert, but w thatthe the Moon was somehow 'captured' bythe Earth has been Eaves, nod knowing mere the rook came from doesn' t make scheise FF
dorm " Just that make mistakes, but we know Hank rs always nghty'
Mary 'ofcourse we do, Item 5 says so
Me "You' Sayler Hanks always nyet because the lst says so, the lst rs nght because Hank wasted I, and we know mended rd because the wt says so That' s wow, no sayang' Hanks rm because He says He' s nyoh"'
dorm "Now you' re gammy M It' s so rewarding to see someone come around to Hanks way (F
Me "Bud on never stund What' s the deal wth '
Mary (She blushers
dorm 'Winers, m buns, no condescends we Hanks way else rs wrong FF
Me 'What rm don' t have a bun?'
dorm "No bun no meme! a bun rs wrong"
Me 'No reishi No Mustard?'
Mary (She looks sticken r
dorm (He' s shouting )‘Theve' s no need for such orang kand are wrong?'
Me "so a mg we t# some weeners chopped up m rewound be out Mme questons"
Mary (Socks m her ears kw am not ms La la la we la lala we (F
dorm ‘That' s Only some son Mew! demand would FF
D Anonymous 02/ 15/ 12( as An No
Me "It' s good? w eat rd all the dune Tr
Mary (
dorm (He catches Mary r" weew. Nd known you were one w wouldnt have wasted my was When Hank docks the I' ll be there, coining my money and lauging I' ll his Hanks ass or you, you buiness (F
Wth ms, dorm dragged Mary to them warding car, and sped or
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