The Revelation. True story. Stephen, I swear the next time you do this it wont be as pretty as this last time. You have been warned.. The Revelation Be, my frie The Revelation friend Revenge kick your ASS facebook deissapointed lol rage Face

The Revelation

True story. Stephen, I swear the next time you do this it wont be as pretty as this last time. You have been warned.

The Revelation
Be, my friend had a randam questionare thing in facebewk taged en
him that asked fer his views en his best three friends, and he
decided direct ene his three reallies me. Here ls what
he said.
1. In University 3, In a fight:
gnu are a bags, Even thaugh yen den' t leek like
De almost nething AND veg STILL nathing special. rev Want die
GET PUCKING STRAIGHT A' twilt even if yen are killed. Ten are
even able take up three
regular guys at anee. And
win... Please dent kill me.
2. with friends
Ten see times ace like an
idiot, but yen are the awesomest
friend ever bril
4. with Girls
Alright. Lets be brutally hinest. Even theigh yen
prabably kill a persin in 57 ways with year bare hands, are of
latin descendents, are mere loyal than a dog, and yen are awsesome
in general, You are alse as dense as **** , Aerially awkward,
Unused Deming inte sentret with females, and yen den' t knew hew
aproach them. _. -
All the feeling awesomeness that I had until the last
paint vanished in a secend... But then, I nettie that the
message isn' t ever. I sereal dawn a bit mere, still kinda
depressed behance I realise what he said is true. I was
almost done the message anyways, might as well finish it...
And then... I see this]
Like what the faek man? Ten didnt even ask Jane er Tara outl They
had a brush en yen fer like a whale year] knew about it
escept fer yen. Hew the faek did yen not nettie?- *Hete: Tara and
Jane were twe the tep 10 hattest ladies in grade 12*
Se, I decide we need talk. "Hay minim... . were
yen serieus abaut Jane
LEY MEY* tla * and Tara liking me?"
Hnsy bre,
whats up?-
Then why didnt
yen tell mel?" seriousl? That
it was funny as - man! There were
hell Eeping them try even bets
ta cartoo hints and gnu abaut what weild happen
net getting "schism.- between yen and them!-
That and -But hey! Berry
behance T knew T weild abaut that. He
win a let - hard feelings?-
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go, live your dream
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