Neckie Bacon: The Eternal Reward.. just got real. Previous: /channel/ponytime/Neckie+Bacon+Shadow+man.+See/pklyDcx/. Dumb Neckie. " not like I wanted to see her krazykid is having a bad day and i suck at Drawing blood
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Neckie Bacon: The Eternal Reward.

Dumb Neckie. " not like I wanted to see her or
something. Who does that? Who threatens somepony
to "be here, or I' ll find you and zombify you" and then
makes you wait?
That' s what I wanna know.. She was suppose to be
here ten minutes ago.
The. uh, chill estate.
cm weal l carat lelellele it!
he A El/ WAYS l
naim/ i" AN/ CD a bi Y? (ah Wew, that's reign,
Seeks lie be yew buddy. Seriously" ll
Tya/ because rayt all ? us
earn have a
ale JV’ 'W/ rage, Epid hes even smaller "i
If you girls are finished talking about 4 C
me behind my back in front of me, V
go kill myself " I
Thares discogs _ rgj,/ ' -/ urrg
its 'Trip, dfi dpf hard to) agree with.
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