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1. The pope endorses evolution, as does the vast majority of protestants, orthodox christians, and catholics.
2. In christianity, angels and the Holy Ghost are considered spirits, Azrael aka the Angel of Death was the embodiment of Darkness, and some prophets were believed too be psychic.
3. People tended to get married around the ages of 13 to 15 and had babies within those years and monks live in monastaries together, usually with one bedchamber for all.
4. Yes it is common practice to raise a child, sorry if your parents abandoned you before you were 6, maybe they realized you were a bigot by that age.
5. Almost no Christian leaders have tried to kill people for different beliefs since the inquisition, only the psychotic extremists try to murder people for not being Christian.
6. The Vatican has an enitre wing dedicated to scientific research. Ever hear of the Pontifical Academy for sciences? The scientists there believe in evolution and alien life, as do most people of any religion.
7. The U.S. is a non secular state and also bans gambling, except in casinos, and they also ban drugs. Every religion allows drugs that can aid people in getting better, Jehovah's witnesses are the only ones who ban blood transfusions.
8. People of any religion can own snakes as long as it is legal in their country and they have the means to provide for them. Also, talking to snakes signifies a mental health problem, possibly schizophrenia. David Berkowitz, a famous serial killer had schisophrenia and said his neighbor's dog told him to kill, so yes, not taking a snakes advice is kind of a good idea.
9. In the Christian faith, it is believed at the end of the world, people will be forgiven for their sins and brought up to heaven, so a stay in hell is not indefinite.
*Alternate "I don't know what I'm talking about ending" see above content.
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Shut up and enjoy the internet