Pokemon feels. Not OC, has been posted on fj once as content (as far as I can tell) on 9th April 2011. One of my favourite feel pics, so I thought I'd share it  reds dad was Always there for Him
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Pokemon feels

Pokemon feels. Not OC, has been posted on fj once as content (as far as I can tell) on 9th April 2011. One of my favourite feel pics, so I thought I'd share it

Not OC, has been posted on fj once as content (as far as I can tell) on 9th April 2011.
One of my favourite feel pics, so I thought I'd share it with the feels channel (and you of course! ).
If you like it but don't wanna give a reposter your thumbs, give 'em to mannyRK ( /funny_pictures/1952935/Red ) it's not their OC either but whatever...

Also, yes, I know, it's long. But I know of people who have been reduced to tears by this.

1289613998 n (3 , 160x144, Pokemonred png) mu E] Expandables D
ES D Anonymous 11/ 12/ us No 3261393 [1]
my , the my had was Red My existence would be , need my everyting 1 data around nym Many people
s wrong my a man of my age to wth a cald, buttass donsent Allow me to explain
1 met Red' s hgh school, and we start Hey and 1 were the per% decouple; we new even had a sangre haht We eventually settled down, marred,
and got a house the wet, secluded town of Pallet We were both experts on Pokemon; 1 had a Masters Degree Gym Battling and she had enougn Pokemon
nursing education to work at a Pokemon Center
Whose Pallet town because famous Pokemon aah, whach , ofcourse, where Processor Oak besides wwanted to learn all ccould [mm mm, perhaps to make progress on
my dream a Gym leader wth nym at every possile opporunity, extremely [mm someone wth such experience as nym One day 1 came
nome to w a message at my door 'Come to the lab, we got sometihng very specialty snow you (F
l D Anonymous er No 3261399 A ' [1]
When 1 arived, one of ms undestood me that the been expecting me, and snowed me We a niiden \
henna was the Pokenerds
Tm glad youve come, Jan 1 have a ask ofyou, soldaten carefully we spent decades studying
Pokemon, but I' m sampsy too old to continue my I' d We you to help continue my legacy and do we
perfected a dew that stoves and all Pokemon you barturia, andl' daky you to use t I' d you to
have one owe Pokemon you see onths table [new specialy med, and cant be w/ d They your
partner and mend Mme you can out the challenging task all Mme Pokemon,"
And henna ccould even say a word, he sent me nome to thok about l
we neverccd a Pokemon henna Sure, we battled a lot and captured many Pokemon, but l was always wth Pokemon
modulators, never my own we was such a task to suddenly put on my shoulders, and so many thoughts
my head as 1 wantedto my house lab However, there was news at nome My we was pregnant
was all too much my me to handle, so 1 M my we some money and ran a coward
H D Anonymous 11/ ( as No 3261420 A ' [1]
1 spent the next ten years nname, working at a Pokemart Adan cty making Just enougn to keep miserable 1 had absolutely no contact wth my me, and she had gaven up on tryingto Md
me 1 let her wth enougn money to the ch/ d, and, [mm what Processor oak atolls me, she' s making some extra money on the skis cam my lured Pokemon awrite litterate oak
constantly, and he ocasionally He' s promised not to talk to my we about me, and the topic of my ms research hasnt come up sence the day 1 M 1 had abandoned my dream or
becoming a Gym Leader, and Instead Emmy mused on keeping awe and unknown That was, ofcourse unt/ 1 heard whached become or my son
was Just we any otherday, on, customer gets some potions , The same thog we seen happen every day ibroke The
same mindless Jon 1 worked out of shame was neaping noon, and 1 was my lunch, when a young My entered the man He ddnt say anythig, but 1 " was
have to puck up a package Oak had ordered out or am catalog chanded nym the parcel, and he was on hm way New simultaneously, the mam came a
professor 1 , so 1 assumed tho was about ho pancea
1 have found someone to continue on my research my me Although he we young, upon hattie same energy as you nym and one owe
my Pokedex, andl' dake you to show nym how to catch a Pokemon He' s a , Gm nym what he needs, any all, he ye your eon name ye
Red and 1 thak hell gum to he a , Just we you
D Anonymous / 10( ) 21 09 No 3261443 A ' [1]
1 was dumfounded My son, whom we new even seen new, was becoming a 1 was excited and very very nervous to heally meet my boy 1 was, however, a disgrace that could not be
shawnti nym, but 1 shouldve actions sightly whatley; 1 messed up as an old man and lad down , When he heally came by, 1 was shocked to Md
that he was the same boy who collected oaks He had hm mothers eyes, and was Jeans, a vest, and a red cap men looked way too on nym iwatched nym walk up to me, and
he ddnt say a sangre thog 1 got up, showed nym the tasks Pokemon and he was on ms way, Just we that He disappeared distance and
was gone
For the met tyme ten yams, 1 went back to Pallet icouldnt dare [ace my me, so 1 went to oaks lab nym the same oldfag, wth noting difrent, except 1171019 lack or two of ms
Pokemon and ms Pokedex He was stony at some machene, wutang somethig and he stood up as soon as 1 place, as #712 had been me He sad my son was on
to League, and that that was all he was goong to say Inned to ask move, but he sampsy repeated what he had already sad, and went We and door At met 1
was disappointed that he had only gaven me that , but 1 was all 1 needed , my son was conquer the Pokemon league, he was gangta have to stat at Pewter
Gym, the gym the league TI new nym, maybe 1 nym
l D Anonymous 11/ 12/ 12 No 3261494 A ' [1]
My My was only ten, and 1 dont thok no ever been outside or Pallet new thm to my advantage, 1 used a shortcut to get around Forest and would get to no tyme As 1 passed
through, 1 saw nym caging terms Pokemon, battling bug catchers, and then, my some mason, he stopped to stat at a tyoe my a Mme suspecious, 1 kept on and eventually
made l to Pewter, andthen, the Pewter Gym
1 took a cause on the league on college Every gym has a speak Pokemon type Pewters was rock ccould Just about everyting they taught me amt the gyms school, and I' d pass
that onto Red Fathering stan, , t was a Red came , and 1 was gangta everyting to mm, but 1 Just couldnt amt 1 was ms dad 1 really
wanted to, but 1 couldnt nym throughout ms adventure, gang nym help anonymously He was a dantastic , and I' ll net he wthout my type, but
may tyme 1 wed to tell nym mat was yearly on, that 1 was the dad that he never knew, 1 could only squeeze out the words' '
l D Anonymous 11/ 12/ 16 No 3261549 A ' [1]
pom KB, 636x420, 128392015895%)
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