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thought i picked the front page to say this.
You guise know the planet x thing?The rouge planet that will destroy us in 2012?
well it's true.
Scientists have found new Mayan proof on it.
This is how it went down a few trillion years ago:
The Mayans used their 50,000 dollar telescopes to see Planet X when it was a few days away. the Mayans were all like 'Oh heeeeeell na!' but the Planet X was all like ' Fux you earth' but with their quick thinking the Mayans used the advanced ultra mega super duper Mayan badass rocket and tied a rope around it and and one around all of earth to pull it out of the way. Plant x flew past us but was all like 'Ill get yuz foggats another time!" The Mayans then used their super ability to see into the future of as to when Planet x, or as the mayans called it, the 'Ultra Cockblock Rock', would come back. They tried to make us calendar but us racist white folks went in there and defiled their fat women and took their land. . But recently when X was interviewed with Fox news it only had this to say "IM DOIN IT FOUR TEH LULZ!!1!'
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**egofeed rolled a random image posted in comment #2 at The Burt Locker **
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