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#599 - mightymortician
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(02/06/2012) [-]
Hey guys this is my pet rock Jimbo. Hes quite a simple rock, however we do have some great times. Like right now as I am typing he is trying to get onto myekkylemy;lamy. Sorry that was the rock, better leave it there cause its cute ^^. But yeah, and its cool cause he can stay in my backpack when we use to go to school and stuff. Hes great, you should definently get one! I am scared of the die he finally keels over and dies. His favorite tv show is Supernatural. We both love it cause we're so much alike haha. He'll be needing his hair cut soon, it is getting a little bit too long. But when i talk to him I feel like he is the only one that understands me. I love that about him. Rocks are very smart creatures , you guys should definently get one!