Space Facts Part 2. Part 1: /funny_pictures/3262646/Space+Facts/. Space Facts I. Jupiter and Saturn were stars that didn' t have enoguh mass for fusion in the f Space Facts
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Space Facts Part 2

Space Facts
I. Jupiter and Saturn were stars
that didn' t have enoguh mass for
fusion in the formation of the
Solar System, eventually cooling
off and going into what they look
like today. Their moons explain
that it was supposed to be a mini
Solar System due to their planet
like sizes.
I Neptune' s moon Triton' s
orbit is slowly decaying. In
million years, itkill
break apart and create a
new ring system around
3. The Cort Cloud is a
theorized cloud of
comets surrounding the
Solar System. " extends
nearly 3 light years
kup Belt and outer
we ystem planetary mans
The Oar! mum
we mg many
mm camels)
4. Quark stars were Neutron
stars that had their
neutrons put under more
pressure and break apart.
causing the quarks to be
tree. This creates strange
matter. The star had to be
put on iust enough pressure
to go past a neutron star. but
not enough to become a
black hole.
J. Milli] I is the largest
galaxy ever discovered. "
is e million light years
across. " is I billion light
years away and is home
to over ICC) trillion stars.
e. Ceres is the largest
asteroid in the Solar
System. " is large enough to
sustain enoguh gravity to
make itself a perfect
sphere. " is also classified
as a dwarf planet.
I W Cams Majoris is so
large, that I I quadrillion
Earths could tit in it. This is
equivalent to covering up
the state of Texas with golf
balls " inches deep.
on at Emu '
s. The Sun' s core is so hot
that a pinhead sized
peice of it could kill
kilometers away.
9. ' is the largest
planet ever discovered. "
orbits the star EDIE 021520
00648. " is 70% larger than
Jupiter, but slightly less
I c. The Milky Way
Galaxy is currently in a
collison with a dwarf
galaxy called, Cams
Maiar Dwarf Galaxy.
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