NOPE comp 8. Thanks to everyone that posted! i will post some from comp 7 in next comp too NOPE comp 7: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+7/iTzxDvG/ NOPE comp 6 Scary paranormal ghost nope comp
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NOPE comp 8

NOPE comp 8. Thanks to everyone that posted! i will post some from comp 7 in next comp too NOPE comp 7: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+7/iTzxDvG/ NOPE comp 6

Thanks to everyone that posted! i will post some from comp 7 in next comp too
NOPE comp 7: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+7/iTzxDvG/
NOPE comp 6: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+6/RivxDEv/
NOPE comp 5: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+5/TNsxDGA/
NOPE comp 4: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+4/TnoxDGa/
NOPE comp 3: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+3/wnkxDja/
NOPE comp 2: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+2/fohxDsb/
NOPE comp 1: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp/dYfxDqL/
if you still want more scary stuff, ive got a comp of haunted locations and its stories:

1 not mallow ago
r Min brothers loom startle
It mupen door
I : pitch
smart Walking down dark hall
laying en ground,
l hunched over m
over ll
mourn see whales luck l lust
leaned ever
an the ground
mow NOPE anymore
7 olafoneeye V
we ta
wallow name tart park
s come across Ward tracks m the glass near the path
chaos and otterbelly mes
P no marks lemme to them
s step we one Mme areas
shear a new Melted scream
slum to see an em Mammy mil!!! instance a while dress us
path we walks bushes (tamales a ml)
7 Mala second scream
V Now all theway outta the park
s Glam move (ruretee nearest street the sun came up ata
ms ones been wth me tor New
years new and we stamp backup
may up um anew 2 In the
ll nave Insomnia)
nalla pass out
up feelng scared an
to pee so I go we the
an mm. pelleelle scaled mam
palm an my back so l take " my shirt and leak In the FUND!
sharp in my new cause any
tuck run hackle bed, we one underlie covers
my nos feel broken
Story mum tote me
smother DJ was 3
mane at farm WW same age daughter
DJ and gm nding up NH on mks:
mend see we mks pollowang nenene, empty
it was maybe smug ted to the toes tate
Asks DJ and gm about“
Was who med ( the well'
phylum' 5 menu out the previous owner oftern' s my James med In well
NOPES all the way name
k ffriend and I swung tn my room watching Iv drinking Mew beers
Spuddenly' sound on t V almost completely muted
Hear girl say‘ "Help me ‘An almost a WWW?!
turn to each other andjust :
says, Why are yum‘
M/ owe says ‘Dead "
H/ y friend and I leave room and may talk about
an e chrisytopher
see 12
tn nee
weep With new meow we blinds open
lapping nurse on window wakes me up
p see something welling some creepy ass clown mam we
E all the way to the bathroom
we afriad at clowns tonne lest puny We
we 16
s using computer
salt alone In the house
room door ls open
moms someone peaking at me
slum to see
Nielsen moves back and
Nuns outside and walls tel came home
and (ms has happened 5 tunes
LEM! Till m SOMETHING, we IS my me and playong er tn
rs chells me aunts
7 Geode t needle pee
s walk out We the
stake pee
walk back out " the em
pack We Bedlam callan out we
to new
we we we
VI tthe ls there
st proceed nave all the leak clung we out m the street at 2 am tel
Calim and hrs rents were terms Aunt
an bathroom at church " at nland
the Hams
met and hams ele
my bussiness we leave stall using cell omellete way to wash hands
steak up no heure bellend me
mourn alarm
steak Ill Sm there Inthe lelelel
Wane out ofthe bathroom
steak at the mat term
ml: had We
ele TI hallway
wane all the way (Sumo the wanna lotto my (luck we nook Home
med a lew years ago
Pfew days alter that
In known ptth mom we and tune! mo
slew an fridge
mar magnet plays horn tune
Past morn what it ls
Says that our uncle bought ll us
splays horn tune nut were all near ll
reaks batteries out
plays mam
Eevery we smell meals which he we
an 7 H
a lew months ago
see asleep lit nee
spuddenly awake m mama
slyly dog we on nee stanag out aspen doorway
nlm to try to gel mm to sleep
see f; cure on allfails crawl past open enemy
Dug was we Shit
mow covers and almost my
st m ta
Be 12
7 Home alone will tll
vats winey
Play Halo ffor hours
I 7 Lights go out
s Think ls power surge
l = Look melee see houses nave hunts on
7 Thinks runners cutworms to break tn
menu and! turtle bathroom wan "skylights and Knives tar 2 llama
s Tryto can mom no answer
P Calm down #nalla on name mum
Look out winnow awn
s see glowing TI woods will an axe
run back to bathroom tor rest mutant
war caramell
s be 16 years ale
s we In basement I large open area where my comp and tr are
3 All warm; tor parents In cantor meta up may
may can l get up andthen comp and all hams " SITES
gala no one we re home
go to open war to go
door news slowly
happened Delete goal properly we
malt ls moving ll
push trolloped and large heure there
suddenly ls happeing m slow molten (strangest
geelong we ever experinced)
s figure reaches malware we Delete ll gets my close feel strong
latte knock me new
as new [SUN lrt stew matron)
regular speedball on my back
as hell we stars
close agar
Its allow new clued
get back maths basement open want
NOPE as my room we sleep WM the laws on that mam
5 years ago my great grandmother we
mght l remembered all the greatness we had
when I 5
N start crying the one was W the house except me)
Cm) teal a hand on my shoulder I stop clung
metart some of my great grandmother nomming
room were we kept a Declare at Mr
stop at the hallway
stupider icture falls ofthe counter and elem ell the flour
N walk towards the Declare
an lights go enter obputy menus
IS back ems counter) broken glass an the Mur
we mature was back on the councler, lele way alwas when I saw ll
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