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(02/01/2012) [-]
A friend of mine posted this on a picture on facebook, telling this to a guy who is somewhat emo and suicidal.

"and don't say **** like that [/b] everyone's lives are important, even your's. skin, size (height, width, length), colour, religion, background, ethnicity, race; none of these things matter. It is those things which seperate us negatively because of the eyes of humans, and their tainted hearts.
What is important - and the only thing of which makes us different - is our stories. And so long as you have a story, and so long as you can tell it, or communicate it, then it is, and you are important.
And you can NOT understand others, and urself until you have heard their stories, and they have heard your's.
so [/b]... what is your story?"

toenail clippings up if this made you think or feel something (he later said it was a short explaination)