NOPE comp 4. I put it all together from comments and content found on funnyjunk and NEW NOPE comp 5: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+5/TNsxDGA NOPE comp 3: /c ghost paranormal morbid X nope Scary
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NOPE comp 4

NOPE comp 4. I put it all together from comments and content found on funnyjunk and NEW NOPE comp 5: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+5/TNsxDGA NOPE comp 3: /c

I put it all together from comments and content found on funnyjunk and You need to login to view this link
NEW NOPE comp 5: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+5/TNsxDGA
NOPE comp 3: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+3/wnkxDja/
NOPE comp 2: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+2/fohxDsb/
NOPE comp 1: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp/dYfxDqL/

thanks to: kikzs, iamnotawhoree, drcookiemonster, downontheupside, llmazell, colonelbyers, kinttow, trollspace, batgod, loveyameanish and everyone else who shared their story.

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Antoine house were my manna ates because we were poontah
m' Rollingthrough Humans?
mm ts tn the at the and atone hallway to the let
on slydog doers, Mach are naller.
was a an the other we ? my omega
mops an we FUCKING my TEXAS
new may
we up alone
turns on How lang room my neon)
we investigate
worm (hats playing never gonna we you rm‘
brunost tam
slum radio "
use 7 H
my n my excellence; toe
wave norms tn house tor teats
salmon many my
up to my screamming on
an eves now syn we : mares me mth am)
gtta were mum says go back to we
gone \ e hack
2 tons Pram Damn commands
mupen Mosul
SHAKE tn closet's tn and :
Open closet
Partakes acne her
me " not real Thou we mew _ my
we ones to marten onset
rams we won our / es 'ary/ / Coudlve
wen shaved new tn wands ourside 011101152
map bud]
Walleye l nave a "guardian spot'
wake um me more elm mam
sauna wane up( anon istead my name) were up yourname ts
an to parents wake (hem am say what! nan new Manly Mer they tattoo out the was
my asters no now heard the l/ one no
start seem; awoman age or we tn stirrers mot was a month
we 14
a momma
sweets wimpering no my me noun gala school
event atone age or to : was
man lad collapsed mung no one was there
I always stared was during recess so been )
see net tn we (although we slams rhnwnen l see net
my mayo a any )) and l mun” plants Mme my
with empty my great grandfathers apartment Heme nan we l amen my grandmother
who shewas Fernande was Eva we was my great grandmothers and she had " mater
when she was 17
01 ) No. 6858978
In amt
No enter canaanites
s Start to near some creepy as hell
Suddenly heave nose We
thi Mil M someone ts draging taternater
alongside the
Turn on as see a Indent
branch and son tn teller
Touch my Intently see nuts a branch
l do, rt starts mm/ lng Egan andthe Mats up agent
NOPE blankets
Wake up Inthe and leek outset thehunt
s Tons circling the lent, all walnut
year old was several months
tn bed anonell the sudden urge
to wake up
we startle must and see a son of
only see a of us
new creature tn now elm out
ewes claws and startle crawl onto my
ANOF' E mm
my older Brother neg
ween tn his room tonne remainder who
e we ts tawny scratches next l( a on hard to see
out en you get the ma There was some more the most clearly seen one
Anonymous me 1( Wed) 05: -19 No,
on tartan uni
it In-
Q "having precisely using mirrir
put razor on
goes out In utter darkness
we sauna of metal sat. -aching on ceramic
9 - ellbow
years am sleeping tn a double moved We new new
upstairs tn new house)
parents me play with legal
muses outside Roll over and see the winnow a weer
parents and ts We the sun amt/ ed green
image protocol and NOPE sleep
HIDIN at 16 new a lighlty the pool Mer every got broke
20 - crawlspace
Wrassling modell basement at around 2 am
eonly alpaka In the Muse
IBOX alies tortle counter across the room and hts the wall
KNOPE all the way my room
an WM my mom owner no sate:
tn an small, old camn onthe lack beach
Om‘/ have
s l sleep mom
ytpm watching Everyponys asleep
suddenly new as luck
skies)/ y
may new really tear Freeze we scared even to move
stops w screen mars
unto large rat on the
P startle calm down
may atone the ocean
marl lama me
can see cheeks M outwards tn armyle
we can my mont, tatl man we leave room
Armin malls in is " mat is No 68590”
12 H
Hans: we only maven mm a at an
an alter tam you can near We an may / Saunas we is trom mace Loan out me welland
sultry pawl . Nating Ever, mote (lget
We tn sumo ) cry saunas we new snout l sent. atee months
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